Can you park at Stafford train station?

Can you park at Stafford train station?

Looking for parking at Stafford station? There are two main car parks, a short stay car park and a drop off/pick up point, all in close proximity to the station.

How much does it cost to park at Stafford train station?

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All day (Mondays-Fridays) £8.00
Off Peak (after 10.00 Mondays-Fridays) £4.00
Saturdays, Sundays and Bank Holidays £2.00
Monthly Season Ticket £98.00
Quarterly Season Ticket £279.00

How much is parking at Stafford?

Parking Charges Up to 1 hour – £1.10. Up to 2 hours – £2.10. Up to 3 hours – £3.10. Up to 4 hours – £3.70.

Can you park at Preston station?

Car parks at Preston station There is one main car park and a short stay car park and a drop off/pick up point all in close proximity to the station.

How do I validate my Tesco parking?

Cameras log the registration of every vehicle that enters. After a shop, customers are given a voucher. They enter their reg and scan the voucher to validate their parking. The terminals fine anyone who takes more than two hours or spends less than £3 in Tesco.

How long can you park in Tesco?

“As a result of this, Tesco has taken the decision to maintain the existing car parking controls but undertake greater enforcement of the existing 3-hour maximum stay period.

Is there any free parking in Stafford?

Parking in Stafford – on Stafford Borough Council’s car parks for free all day; – for up to three hours on roads where waiting is prohibited unless the signs say ‘no loading or unloading’ ; – all days on roads where parking is free but restricted by time.

Where can I park for free in Stafford?

Here is a list of the car parks in Stafford where shoppers can find free parking on the weekends leading up to Christmas:

  • Stafford Leisure Centre Car Park.
  • Broad Street Car Park.
  • Doxey Road Car Park (including Sainsbury’s Car Park)
  • Civic Centre Car Park (Including South Walls Car Park)

How much is Park and Ride Preston?

Park and ride bus fares

All Day Fares from 26 August 2017
Adult return £1.60
Adult weekly return £6.50
Child return 80p
Family return Up to 2 adults travelling together with up to 3 children. £3.20

Where can I park in Preston?

  • Hill Street Car Park.
  • Trinity Square Car Park.
  • Fishergate Centre Car Park.
  • Penny Street.
  • St Wilfrid Street Car Park.
  • Avenham Street.
  • Walker Street Car Park.
  • Chapel Yard Blue Badge Car Park.

Can I park overnight in Tesco?

Tesco actually have a overnight friendly policy (aperently). Where you can stay/sleep overnight in there carpark, as long you dont unpack anything on to the ground, have any waste pipes leaking fliud, be discreet, and theres only one or maybe 2 vans.

Is Tesco Walsall free parking?

At the moment, people can park at the Tesco Extra on Littleton Street in Walsall for two hours for free. The Tesco Extra on Littleton Street Walsall is one of nine in the country which is getting the new technology. Bosses claim the store has ‘long suffered from misuse of its car park because of its location.

How can I Park at Stafford train station?

YourParkingSpace offers affordable Stafford Train Station parking options. Just select whether you want Hourly or Monthly parking, choose the date you want to park from, we will display all available parking options for your requirements. Select your preferred parking space and pre-book. It’s as simple as that.

Is the Stafford car park open on Christmas Day?

All council-owned car parks are closed on Christmas Day; other than that, they are open and chargeable on bank holidays. There is a drop-off and pick-up point in Station Road, very close to the station.

Is there free parking for Blue Badge in Stafford?

Parking is not free of charge for Blue Badge holders in the Riverside Undercroft and Waterfront multi-storey car parks. Stafford has double yellow lines indicating no parking at any time, and parking is reserved for residents in several areas.

Is there a train from Stafford to Liverpool?

Stafford is a stop on the mainline London Euston to Liverpool service, and also serves Manchester, Birmingham, Wales and the south-west. Additionally, the station is a hub for local train services in Staffordshire. Bus services are available throughout the town and surrounding neighbourhoods, and also to major towns and cities UK-wide.

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