Did Alan Smith win Champions League?

Did Alan Smith win Champions League?

Smith still had an eventful career after his injury. He won the Premier League with United in 2007 and the Championship title with Newcastle United in 2010. He famously scored on his first start for United following his lengthy lay-off, finding the net against Roma in a 7-1 win at Old Trafford in the Champions League.

How many goals did Alan Smith score for Newcastle?

Premier League Record

Appearances 285
Goals 45
Assists 31

Was Alan Smith a striker?

A striker, Smith started his career at non-league Alvechurch in north-east Worcestershire. He then signed professional forms with Leicester City in June 1982. He spent five seasons at Leicester, scoring 84 goals in 217 appearances.

Where is Allan Smith?

Post-playing career As of December 2020, Smith lives in the Orlando, Florida area working with male and female youngsters as a coach at the XL Soccer World Academy.

How old is Alan Smith?

58 years (November 21, 1962)
Alan Smith/Age

How old is Allan Smith?

40 years (October 28, 1980)

How many goals Alan Smith scored?

Who broke Alan’s leg?

John Arne Riise
John Arne Riise has recalled text message exchanges with Alan Smith after the Manchester United player suffered a sickening leg break in a 2006 clash with Liverpool. Smith blocked a powerful free-kick from Riise in the FA Cup clash at Anfield but suffered a broken leg and dislocated ankle after the ball struck him.

How tall is Alan Smith?

180 cm
Alan Smith/Height

How many times did Alan Smith get booked?

They both played for England with Smithy being the man who came on as sub for Gary, in Gary’s last international game. Gary was never booked, Alan got booked once. Alan scored 199 goals for his clubs, Gary 238.

How many times did Cisse break his leg?

In the course of his career, Cissé suffered from two leg breaks, breaking his left leg in 2004, and his right leg in 2006.

Did John Arne Riise break someone’s leg?

Smith blocked a powerful free-kick from Riise in the FA Cup clash at Anfield but suffered a broken leg and dislocated ankle after the ball struck him. Speaking to Ladbrokes ahead of this Sunday’s big game between the two sides, Riise revealed he was determined to make sure Smith was okay.

When did Alan Smith move to Newcastle United?

Smith appeared in all four games of Manchester United’s pre-season tour of the Far East, but on 2 August 2007, Newcastle United confirmed they had reached an agreement to sign Smith for around £6 million. The deal was confirmed on 3 August, with Smith moving to Newcastle on a five-year contract.

When did Alan Smith leave Leeds United for Manchester United?

As Leeds were relegated at the end of the 2003–04 season, Smith joined Manchester United for £7 million.

When did Alan Smith make his Premier League debut?

His senior FA Premier League debut was as a substitute for Leeds United against Liverpool at Anfield, where he displayed his natural scoring ability by scoring with his first shot of the game, three minutes after coming off the bench.

Who is Alan Smith of Notts County football team?

Alan Smith (born 28 October 1980) is an English footballer who last played for Notts County. He has also represented the England national team, winning 19 caps .

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