Do they still make Rampage boats?

Rampage is a yacht brand that currently has 30 yachts for sale on YachtWorld, including 1 new vessels and 29 used yachts, listed by experienced yacht brokers mainly in the following countries: United States, Antigua and Barbuda and Jamaica.

Who makes Rampage boats?

KCS International
Rampage is a subsidiary of KCS International, a private company who has a modern, climate controlled production facility that spans well over 350,000 square feet. KCS International manufacturers both brands in a small town with an infamous boat building heritage, Oconto, Wisconsin.

How much do Tiara yachts cost?

How much do Tiara boats cost? Tiara boats for sale on YachtWorld are available for a swath of prices from $29,900 on the moderate end of the spectrum all the way up to $2,011,852 for the most advanced and biggest yachts in the world.

How much does a sport fishing boat cost?

Prices can range anywhere from $10,000 all the way up to $50,000 and beyond for high end brands. Low cost brands for fisherman include Tidewater and Sea Hunt while higher end brands include Boston Whaler and Grady-White.

Where are Albemarle boats made?

Edenton, NC
Located in Edenton, NC, Edenton Boatworks, LLC is a recently formed company of Murphy Alternative Investments. It is the parent company of Albemarle Boats, The Carolina Classic, a highly regarded builder of offshore sportfishing boats with more than 3,600 hulls hand- crafted since 1978.

Why are tiara boats so expensive?

Remember that the reason why quality boats like Hatteras, Tiara, Bertram and Viking cost so much is because of the quality materials that go into their construction. There’s a good reason why they don’t put interiors on the exterior!

What is the smallest tiara boat?

The smallest boat Tiara makes is a 31 and it offers two models, the Coronet 3100, and the 3100 Open which now comes standard with a hardtop, so she is not quite as “open” as she used to be.

How expensive is a boat?

Average Price Ranges On Common Boat Types

Boat Type Price Range
Fishing Boats $25,000 to $100,000
House Boats $50,000 and up
Jon Boats $500 to $5,000
Pontoon Boats $15,0000 to $50,000

How much does a 50 foot fishing boat cost?

How much does a 50-foot yacht cost? Based on available 50-foot yachts in our inventory, the cost ranges from $360,000 for a 2001 Viking Convertible to $1,525,000 for a 2021 Cruisers 54 Cantius.

Is an Albemarle a good boat?

Plus, they offer a far superior ride over comparable outboard-powered express fishermen. For those looking for an all-weather fishing boat and have a little more wiggle room in their budget, a diesel-powered express from Albemarle could be a wise choice.

Is Carolina Classic boats still in business?

North Carolina businessman and owner of Albemarle Boats, Scott McLaughlin, has acquired Carolina Classic Boats. Albemarle and Carolina Classic will remain two independent brands with separate dealer networks. Burch Perry will oversee both operations.

Is Tiara a quality boat?

“They’re reliable engines that have held up really well,” Uscinski says. The Tiara’s modified-vee hull can take on seas when other boats won’t run, he says. “Everything about the boat is user-friendly, and 31 feet is a good size — big enough to go anywhere, but I can still run it myself.”

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