Does Legrand own Wiremold?

Wiremold, which makes products to route and manage wires and cables, will become part of Legrand in a deal valued at $770 million, Legrand announced Monday.

Is Wiremold code compliant?

molo Member. It is code compliant as long as you use the proper fitting to transition from MC to wire mold.

Is Wiremold a conduit?

Wiremold | Conduit & Conduit Fittings.

Who makes Wiremold?

Legrand SA
In July 2000, French electrical manufacturer Legrand SA acquired the Wiremold Company for $770 million. Wiremold now works in cooperation with Ortronics, Inc, a Legrand-owned sister company based in New London, Connecticut.

Is Wiremold rated for outdoor use?

Wiremold is a popular brand of “surface metal raceway” manufactured by Legrand. Also, the NEC (National Electrical Code) rates surface metal raceways for dry locations only. So, while it is easy to install and less visually intrusive when seen running along a wall than conduit, it should not be used outdoors.

Is Eaton and Legrand the same?

Legrand is a global provider of electrical and digital building infrastructures. Eaton is a diversified company providing solutions that help its customers manage electrical, hydraulic and mechanical power.

Is Wiremold in the NEC?

Wiremold, and like products, are not considered to be a “wiring method.” Rather, they are considered as a complete assembly to be an “appliance.” A glorified extension cord or power strip, if you will, but one suitable for permanent mounting. Re: Wiremold. Re: Wiremold. Astoria, Queens, N.Y.C.

Where is Wiremold manufactured?

West Hartford
Wiremold ended the decade by shifting to a newly built facility at 60 Woodlawn Street in West Hartford.

Can you use wire mold outside?

Can you use plastic Wiremold outside?

Wiremold is not rated for outdoor use, though I have seen it used outdoors. It rusts. Run conduit underground 10′ and then mount a weatherproof box down low. Come out of the back of the box into the wall and fish your wire up the wall.

Who is Wiremold and what do they do?

Wiremold by Legrand is a trusted provider of wire and cable management products with an innovative range of pathway solutions to get from point A to point B. Wiremold offers a wide range of items for both the residential and commercial user, to eliminate cable clutter at the home, office, and industrial level.

How big is a Wiremold cable management kit?

Kit Includes: 9 feet of channel (3x 36 inch sections), 1x outside elbow, 1x inside elbow, 2x flat elbows, and 2x couplings. Great for concealing and organizing Ethernet and phone wires, cables, lamp cords and speaker cable.

What can a Wiremold cord cover be used for?

Wiremold Cord Cover, suitable for covering home entertainment wires, speaker cables, TV/video cabling and home or office wiring. Organize and hide cords and cables easily, whether it has Multiple cables or single cable wire the channel is big enough to fit in.

What do you need to know about Wiremold floor boxes?

Explore Wiremold floor boxes, poke-thru devices, cable raceways and more. Think outside the wall. Bring power to open floor plans in commercial spaces where connections are necessary, but corners and walls are far. Outdoors is the new indoors.

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