Does Saints Row 2 have cheat codes?

To enter a Saints Row 2 cheat code, you need to pull up your cellphone and dial any of the numbers in bold below, including the # symbol, which will then add the relevant option to the Cheats menu on your phone under the listed overall heading.

How do you get unlimited respect in Saints Row 2?

Complete all races in Stilwater. Finish Septic Avenger Level 6, Suburbs. Do activities to raise your respect past level 75. you will then have Infinite respect.

How do you enter cheats on grid 2 Xbox 360?

GRID 2 Cheat Codes Please help out by confirming in the comments for which system (PC, PS3 or Xbox 360) these codes work. These bonus cars can be unlocked from the Main Menu by going to “Options”, then selecting “Bonus Codes” and then going to “Enter Code” to enter the cheats in the space on-screen.

Does Saints Row 2 Save with cheats?

In Saints Row 2, the game is automatically saved into the autosave slot after the completion of any mission or activity. Using Cheats disables Autosave in all games.

Is there a UFO in Saints Row 3?

In Saints Row: The Third, in Kinzie’s Warehouse, there is a newspaper article with a picture of a Destroy that reads “UFO sighted in sky, Man taken into ship”. The name as well as design of the Destroy is similar to UFOs in Destroy All Humans!, also published by THQ.

What is barnstorming Saints row2?

Barnstorming is a real life activity which is named after flying a plane through a barn. Although there is a barn in the game, it is used for a Stunt Jump, not a Barnstorm.

How do you cheat in Saints Row 2?

General Saints Row 2 Cheats

  1. Add Gang Notoriety – 35.
  2. Add Police Notoriety – 4.
  3. Car Mass Hole – 2.
  4. Full Health – 1.
  5. Get $1,000 – 2274666399.
  6. Heaven Bound – 12.
  7. I Am Giant – 200.
  8. Infinite Ammo – 11.

Is there a cheat for respect in Saints Row 1?

There is no cheat to add respect in Saints Row or Saints Row 2. Apart from starting missions, there is no way to lower respect. No respect is lost for killing friendly gang members or being Smoked or Busted.

How do you cheat in GRID 2?

From the Options menu, select the option to enter codes and then enter the codes indicated below to unlock the corresponding vehicles.

  1. TUN58396 – All Drift Cars.
  2. MUS59279 – All Muscle Cars.
  3. F93857372 – Buchbinder Emotional Engineering BMW 320si.
  4. G29782655 – Gamestation BMW 320si.
  5. M38572343 – Micromania Pagani Zonda R.

Can you save Saints Row 4 with cheats?

all cheats Note: Achievements and auto save are disabled when cheats are activated. However, you are still allowed to manually save while cheats are enabled.

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