Does the Fillmore Detroit have seats?

Does the Fillmore Detroit have seats?

The Fillmore Detroit/Capacity

The Fillmore Detroit is a concert venue for popular music acts as well as hosting many special events. The venue’s current seating capacity is 2,900, 2,084 for reserved seating.

What is loge seating?

1a : a small compartment : booth the doorkeeper’s loge just inside the entrance to the building. b : an enclosed group of seats for spectators in a theater. 2a : a small partitioned area. b : a separate forward section of a theater mezzanine or balcony. c : a raised section or level of seats in a sports stadium.

Who owns the Fillmore Detroit?

Live Nation
The Fillmore Detroit is at 2115 Woodward. The 2,200-capacity venue is owned by Live Nation and Forbes Management, who partnered on the renovations but would not disclose how much money was spent. The Fillmore opened in 1925 and was known as the State Theatre through most of the 20th century.

Is the Fillmore all ages?

Age Policy: The Fillmore is an all ages venue, with the exception of babes in arms. Every person must have a ticket.

How many people does the Fox Theater Detroit seat?

Fox Theatre/Capacity

What does mezzanine seating mean?

There are two areas of a theatre that are considered mezzanine seating. Theatre mezzanine seats are all of the seats in the first balcony. These seats traditionally overhang approximately the first 12 rows of the orchestra seats. Also, the first row of any balcony seats is considered mezzanine seats.

Is loge seating good?

Yes, the loge seats are great for watching performances. I always pick the Loge seats first. The view is great from up there. The floor is good but your view can get blocked by taller people.

Are Loge Box Seats good at Fenway?

Loge Box sections are often in the shade during home games and can protect you from rain when weather is an issue. Many people prefer to sit in the Loge section instead of the field box section to stay out of the sun, rain and heat. When the Boston Red Sox take the field, you’ll have a great view from Loge Box Seats.

What happened to the Fillmore East?

A Yiddish theater turned movie house turned rock and roll landmark turned gay disco turned bank. Sorry, The Fillmore East is permanently closed. It was only open for 3 years, 3 months, and 19 days, but in that short time the Fillmore East made an indelible mark on New York’s rock scene in the 1960s.

What is the capacity of 9 30 Club?

9:30 Club/Capacity
The legal capacity of the original venue was 199; the current iteration of 9:30 holds up to 1,200 people. Since then, the club has continued to welcome emerging artists from all over the world, as well as established acts.

How many people does the Fillmore Philadelphia seat?

The Fillmore is three venues within one: a 2,500 capacity main room; a 450-capacity “club within the club” called The Foundry for up-and-coming local artists, DJs and smaller touring bands; and a bar and lounge called Ajax Hall where patrons can grab a bite to eat or a drink.

What are good seats at the Fox Theater?

The Orchestra Level houses some of the best seats in the Fabulous Fox Theatre. The seats in the center sections within the first few rows are particularly in high demand for concert and theater events, since you’ll get the best view of the stage from these seats.

How many seats does the Fillmore Detroit hold?

You can go to our The Fillmore Detroit seat views page to see them. The Fillmore Detroit can hold up to 2,200 people but that’s a lot of seats and therefore a lot of potential seat views.

Where is the ADA restroom at the Fillmore Detroit?

Yes, guests who require additional assistance may come up to the Box Office prior to the doors opening to have additional arrangements made to ensure they are taken safely and without any complications to their seats. Where is your ADA restroom located? Our ADA restroom is located in the Main Lobby, next to the Lobby Bar.

Are there service animals at the Fillmore Detroit?

Yes, The Fillmore Detroit is in compliance with the Michigan Legislation for Service Animals and we do allow canine and miniature horse service animals inside the venue, however emotional support animals are NOT allowed inside the venue. I have a hearing impairment who should I contact?

Is there a VIP section at the Fillmore?

There is a large bar which makes it easy to get drinks without missing the show. There is a VIP section right in front of the bar with tables in a roped off area. VIP access requires a special wristband. This is well worth the additional price to have a table and server.

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