Healthcare Trends: Top Disruptive Healthcare Trends to Watch

There is much biggest technology that is considering and planning specifically in the healthcare sectors in 2020. You may be familiar with these trends and latest health news.

Data Security

A reliable, hard-to-hack transaction log, and who owns what. Blockchain is based on distributed digital ledger technology, which records information securely through a peer-to-peer network. The potential of blockchain reaches far beyond cryptocurrency.

Blockchain books can include real estate titles, loans, identities, logistics manifests, just about anything of value. The technology is still new, but the potential impact it can have on the business is exciting and immense.

Blockchain can streamline process execution in multi-party scenarios and enable faster transactions that are not limited by office hours. Blockchains information can be viewed by all participants and cannot be modified. This will reduce risk and fraud and build trust.

Supply of Medicines

Most people who take medications for long periods do not administer the drugs correctly. Various technologies currently under development will provide both patients and physicians with the ability to monitor and improve how a person can adhere to prescribed treatment.

Although it could face ethical dilemmas about patient privacy, this technology would offer doctors the opportunity to observe the effect that pharmacological treatments have on patients.

Digital Therapy

Using a smartphone or any mobile device, it will be possible to access different types of medical therapies. Computerized Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TCCC) is one of these digital forms of treatment, thanks to which it will be possible to increase the scope of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, as in the case of Sleepio, a treatment against insomnia, depression, and distributed anxiety via the Internet.

Single Cell Mapping Genomics

Still 2019, there are old methods of genomic mapping that were used which is bulk cell genomic mapping, but this trend has been changed in this present age of 2020. The health sector introduces the technology of Single-cell mapping genomics. In a past age, they use a multi-cell mapping genomic method for the analysis of DNA changes.

Now scientists and researchers start to understand the changes in many cell types, discovering the disease states, cell lineages, and individual traits. It will greatly help to make some big advancements in medicine precision and accuracy to fight against big and serious diseases like cancer.

A well-known organization like 10X Genomics is researching on this single-cell mapping genomics.

3D Printing

20 people die every day only in the United States and waiting for some life-saving organ transplant. As the medical industry moving towards 3D organ printing, it enhances the popularity in innovative fields.

The organization named “Organovo” is developing 3D bioprinting living tissue patches of human life which is a great help in extending the life of the fatal liver diseased patient.

Besides this, cardiac (heart) tissue patches are also been produced in 2020 by Tel Aviv University. It has the potential to regenerate the defective heart.

IoT Devices for Prevention

According to recent latest health news, health sectors are moving toward a preventive care model and are providing proactive wellness initiatives supported by device use. Customers are increasingly willing to share data with loT devices.

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