How big are the XXR 531-xxr wheels?

A clean cut stepped lip and a super smooth concave slope lend this wheel design to be on the cutting edge of today’s most modern wheel fashions. Available in 15″, 16″, 17”, and 18” sizes with both low and mid offsets so you can choose the perfect “Out of the Box” fitment.

What kind of wheels do I need for a XXR tuner?

XXR® 002.5 Flat Black with Bronze Lip 002.5 OLD SCHOOL FLAVOR Flat Black with Bronze Lip wheels by XXR®. For owners of tuner cars, XXR wheels are the natural choice. The XXR 002 features a retro style design that fits both new wave tuners and old school cars. A special…

Where do XXR wheels and rims come from?

One of the top names in the aftermarket industry, XXR specializes in top-of-the-line aluminum alloy wheels for original equipment and aftermarket automotive applications. Today, the company produces more than 2.4 million rims a year, with 60 percent of wheels sold in Japan and 20 percent in the USA.

Where can I find information on accents in the UK?

If you’re interested in learning more information on accents in the UK, you can consult the British Library’s Accents and Dialects Archive.

What kind of accent does the north of England have?

General Northern English (GNE) General Northern English (GNE) functions as a ‘regional standard’ accent in the North of England, and is used there mainly by middle-class speakers. While it is still recognisably northern, speakers of GNE can be very hard to locate geographically more precisely than this.

Where does the southern standard accent come from?

The first mentions of EE are in the 1980s, when the accent was spoken mainly in the outer London boroughs and in the neighbouring counties of Kent and Essex. Since then it has spread, and is now heard in much of the southeast. Some linguists have suggested that EE will take over as the southern standard accent in England.

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