How do I charge my Campagnolo EPS battery?

Connect the 6-pole female connector on the battery charger output cable to the connector on the EPS power system. 2) on while the battery is being charged; once the battery is fully charged, this LED turns off. GReeN led lit Battery charger is powered correctly. oRANGe led lit continuously Battery is charging.

How do I test my Campagnolo EPS battery?

the light indicator, normally turned off during operation, displays the residual charge levels for the battery upon request by briefly pressing one of the two “mode” keys located on each ePS control (fig. 1).

How long does Campagnolo EPS take to charge?

Charge time is just three hours and the Campagnolo EPS battery is built to have a life of 5,000 charge cycles. In other words, you do not need to charge the battery very often and it will probably outlast all of us. We can all stop being concerned about battery life with electronic shifting.

How do you clean Campagnolo?

Wash your bicycle and the Campagnolo® components by delicately cleaning with soap and water and drying thoroughly. WARNING! Saline conditions (such as roads in winter and in coastal areas) may cause galvanic corrosion in the majority of the exposed bicycle components.

How does Campagnolo EPS work?

With EPS, when you want to shift more than one gear you just keep your finger or thumb on the lever. You don’t need to hit it more than once, you just hold the position. Campag reckon you can shift across the entire 11-speed cassette in 1.5secs.

Does Campagnolo have electronic shifters?

As many of you know, Campagnolo recently formally introduced its electronic shifting system, dubbed EPS, to the market.

How does Campagnolo shifter work?

How to use Campagnolo road bike shifters. Campagnolo shifters are slightly different again – a shift lever behind the brake lever shifts into a larger cog/chainring on both the front and rear, while a thumb-operated paddle on the inside of the hood shifts into a smaller cog/chainring.

How big is the Campagnolo EPS battery charger?

Size 106x84x35mm. The battery charger is equipped with a safety cut-out circuit which prevents overheating, short-circuiting and excessive charge times , and also detects damaged batteries. Note: The EPS Battery Charger must only be used with the EPS Power Unit and the network fitting EPS Power Cable.

Can a battery be charged with an EPS Charger?

The eps battery charger must only be used with the eps power system. Attempting to charge different batteries with the charger may cause accidents, injury or death. BATTERY CHARGER 5 6 usING The bATTeRy chARGeR WITh mAINs poWeR (fig. 5):

Which is the Campagnolo Super Record EPS groupset?

Campagnolo Super Record EPS, the feather in the cap of Campagnolo® innovation thanks to the technologies, materials and expertise behind the design of this groupset, consolidates its benchmark role by moving up to a 12-speed.

How to turn off green light on Campagnolo?

+ prolonged buzzer tone rear derailleur fault briefly press the mode button on the rear derailleur command to turn the LeD off. the green LeD turns off automatically after about 1 minute and, in the case of a malfunction, turns back on the first time the command is given. contact the support service if the problem persists. GREEN LIGHT

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