How do I find my NMFC code?

To find the correct NMFC item number for your shipment, use the NMFC Lookup on your freight quote or bill of lading, or log in to your account to request an NMFC.

What freight class is metal?

Figuring our right freight classes

Class Name Notes, Examples
Class 125 Small Household appliances
Class 150 Auto sheet metal parts, bookcases,
Class 175 Clothing, couches stuffed furniture
Class 200 Auto sheet metal parts, aircraft parts, aluminum table, packaged mattresses,

What is the NMFC code for class 70?

CLASS 70, NMFC code 99992 – Hops – Pellets compressed.

What is the NMFC number for corrugated boxes?

The use of corrugated boxes in the LTL environment is governed by NMFC Item 222 as to maximum size and weight.

What is the NMFC code for class 55?

Freight class list

Freight class code Type of freight Weight per ft3
55 Bricks, cement, hardwood flooring, construction materials 35–50 lbs.
60 Car accessories, car parts 30–35 lbs.
65 Car accessories and parts, boxed books, bottled drinks 22.5–30 lbs.
70 Car accessories and parts, auto engines, food items 15–22.5 lbs.

How many NMFC codes are there?

THE BACKGROUND OF NMFC CODES AND FREIGHT CLASSIFICATION This system divides freight into different classes—18 of them, to be exact—and is catalogued with the National Motor Freight Classification tariff (NMFC). The 18 freight classes are defined with a number between 50 and 500.

What is Freight Class 70?

Class 70 (15-22.5 pounds per cubic foot) – Food items, car parts, and accessories, automobile engines. Class 85 (12-13.5 pounds per cubic foot) – Automobiles engines, cast iron stoves, crated machinery. Class 92.5 (10.5-12 pounds per cubic foot) – Computers, monitors, refrigerators, ice machines.

What is class 125 freight?

Class 125. Small household appliances. 7-8 lbs. Class 150. Auto sheet metal parts, bookcases.

What is freight Class 70?

What is the NMFC code for class 175?

Freight class list

Freight class code Type of freight
175 Clothing, couches, stuffed furniture
200 Sheet metal parts, aluminum tables, packaged mattresses, aircraft parts
250 Mattresses and box springs, plasma TVs, bamboo furniture
300 Model boats, assembled chairs, tables, wood cabinets

What is the NMFC code for class 300?

What is NMFC code?

What is an NMFC code? The National Motor Freight Traffic Association (NMFTA) designed a freight classification system for all types of goods. It was established as a way to standardize the cost of freight transport so that there would be a transparent, if somewhat complicated, classification code for all products.

Where can I find the NMFC code for my freight?

Enter the NMFC code shown in the freight class lookup tool in the instant quote form on the right side of this page or in our full freight quote comparison tool . If you can’t find the freight class for your cargo among the NMFC codes listed in the freight class lookup tool, no worries.

What are the different types of NMFC material?

MATERIAL FORM NMFC ITEM CLASS Aluminum & Aluminum Alloys Angles 13140 60 Bar 13160 60 Channel 13340 60 Floor Plate 13430 60 Rods 13640 60 Scrap 13660 55 Sheet 13560 60 Wire 13812 60 Other Forms 13455 60 Brass, Bronze, and Copper (not alloyed) Bar 30220 60 Scrap 30760 55 Sheet 30740 Sub.2 60 Wire 30920 Sub.1 60

Is the NMFC code subject to change without notice?

Notice: Freight classes and NMFC codes are subject to change without notice. Contact us if you’re not absolutely sure the information listed is correct. How to use this tool?

What does NMFC code 133300 mean for machinery?

An item that is density-based means that the freight’s density will determine the class. For example, Machinery may fit under NMFC #133300, which the database says is a density-based code.

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