How do I get Digi super long life?

Re: Super Long Life 365 Renewal Purchase can be done via *128# menu >> Talktime Services >> Super Long Life. The price is RM108 for 365 days of validity and RM68 for 180 days of validity.

How long does Digi prepaid LiVE last?

4. Prepaid Live has 90 days of grace period after credit expiry. 5. If your current SIM card does not support 4G, you will have to replace your SIM card (at cost of RM10) from a Digi Store or dealer.

What is Digi super long life?

Super Long Life is a feature that allows Digi subscribers to purchase account validity extension using their prepaid credit balance. What are the available Super Long Life offers? Super Long Life is priced from as low as RM1 for 1 day, RM68 for 180 days, and RM108 for 365 days.

Can Digi prepaid LiVE p2p super long life?

Re: Digi prepaid live p2p super long life The Super Long Life 365 days and 30 days are not available for Digi Prepaid LiVE plan. RM1. 00 (1 day) will be the only option for LiVE subscriber.

How do I subscribe tune 1 year validity?

To enjoy Tune Talk 1-year validity promotion, simply send an SMS “EXT” to 2222 on your Tune Talk number. The telco will send you a confirmation SMS to let you know that your Tune Talk line is now valid for an entire year.

How can I reload my digi for one year?

If you want to use your available credits to buy long term Super Long Life validity, then change your plan to Prepaid Best through *128# -> My Account -> Change Plan. This prepaid plan allows you to buy 1 year validity for RM108, or 6 months for RM68.

Can I get back my Digi number?

Once a number has been terminated, there’s no other option to reactivate it back. For Digi Best Prepaid, ur last reload must not be more than 75 days. If it has exceeded 75 days, ur number will be terminated.

How can I extend my Digi Prepaid validity?

If you would like to purchase the longer validity, you can change your plan to the Digi Prepaid Best which comes with 180 days or 365 days option. For change plan, you can directly dial *128# > My account > Call plan > change pan > select Digi Prepaid Best > press ‘1’ to confirm.

How can I extend my Digi 1 year validity?

How can I change my Digi plan?

To change your plan, just dial *128*1*4#. However, note that any change in your Internet plan subscription will reset FREE data and the existing Buddyz configured.

How can I extend my SIM card validity?

USSD method to Extend your SIM’s validity

  1. Press : *113*30*9# for 30 days extension. Cost 2 Baht.
  2. Press : *113*60*9# for 60 days extension. Cost 4 Baht.
  3. Press : *113*90*9# for 90 days extension.
  4. Press : *113*180*9# for 180 days extension.
  5. Conditions: Must activate SIM for at least 90 days or have usage of 200 THB.

How can I extend my Celcom 1 year?

To subscribe send; EXP1 to 28882 – 1 Year EXP2 to 28882 – 2 Years

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  2. Y-Resolution – 1 dpi.
  3. Software – Google.
  4. Exif Version – 0220.

Which is the best Digi plan for super long life?

For Digi Prepaid Best 2017, 365 days Super Long Life fee is RM108.00. So, the credit balance must be more than this amount ya. You can check the full listing of the eligible plans and Super Long Life options over here My digi plan is DIGI PREPAID BEST 2017 P2P, only show Super Long Life RM 1 = 1Day.

When is the expiry date of Digi number?

I have this DIGI number for many years using SLL 365 every year to keep it activated. My balance is currently only RM6 with expiry date on 9 Feb 2018. I am currently abroad and won’t be back for another 4 months or so.

What kind of engine does a Nissan DIG-S have?

It has a cast aluminum engine block with four main bearings and aluminum DOHC (dual overhead camshaft) cylinder head with 4 valves per cylinder. The cylinder bore is 78.0 mm (3.07 in) and the piston stroke is 83.6 mm (3.29 in), compression ratio rating is 12:1 or 13:1.

Are there any plans for super long life?

Here are the plans available for Super Long Life, and yours included too Hope my answer has helped! If it has, please click on “This is Helpful” to give it a thumbs up. If this is the solution you seek, click on “Accept as Solution” to help others find their answers faster!

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