How do I open the better cities menu in Oblivion?

How do I open the better cities menu in Oblivion?

The Better Cities in-game menu requires OBSE v16+ to work. Without OBSE, the menu will not be available, but you can still use the in-game console to trigger the same options. The Gold Horse Courier delivery quests require OBSE v19+ to work.

Is Better Cities worth it oblivion?

Better Cities is not necessary. Many people play Oblivion for the dungeon-crawling and quests, and Better Cities is just something to look at. The lag from mods like that can make it so the game is not worth the candle.

How do you use TES4LODGen?

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  1. Start TES4LODGen.exe – It will automatically find your Data Folder, list of active Modules and Oblivion. ini, load all active modules, load all associated BSAs and generate DistantLOD data for all worldspaces in all active modules.
  2. Close the application once it’s finished.
  3. Play.

Where is Leyawiin?

Leyawiin is a fortified coastal city, capital of County Leyawiin, located in the Blackwood region of southern Cyrodiil. County Lewayiin is nestled around the southern Nibenay Basin, bordered by Black Marsh to the east, Elsweyr to the west, and Topal Bay to the south.

How do I add better cities to Wrye bash?

Install Instructions[edit] Simply place the downloaded archive into the “Oblivion Mods\Bash Installers\” folder, then go to the Installers tab in Wrye Bash, run the Wizard on the archive and answer each query. If there is a Better Cities Update archive then repeat the above for this archive too.

How do I start the Kvatch rebuilt quest?

Rebuild Kvatch through a series of quests….Manual

  1. Go to an interior cell away from Kvatch, open up the console and enter [SetStage KRUninstall 10].
  2. Wait 10 seconds.
  3. Save and exit, then deactivate ‘Kvatch Rebuilt.
  4. Start the game and load the save you just made, then save again.
  5. Delete ‘Kvatch Rebuilt.

How do I install better cities in oblivion with Wrye Bash?

How do you make Lod in Skyrim?

Generating LODs

  1. Download and install the beta version of xLODGen.
  2. Install Enhanced Vanilla Trees (let it overwrite files)
  3. Start SSELODGen.
  4. Make sure ‘Tree LODs’ is checked (leave ‘Object LODs’ unchecked if you want to create tree LODs only)
  5. Select the world spaces for which you want to create new tree LODs.

Can you use mod organizer for oblivion?

Mod Organizer also supports Fallout 3, Fallout New Vegas and Skyrim in addition to Oblivion.

Where is the secret passage in Leyawiin castle?

An open-topped barrel on the north wall holds a lever that reveals a secret passage to the secret room; another clutter chest lies in the passage. In the northwest corner of the central room, a hallway leads to the Count and Countess’ bedroom.

Are there any mods for better cities in Oblivion?

You can also choose to toggle each city (except the Imperial City) into Open Better Cities, so that the cities can be entered without load screens (so in some places you can go under or over the walls). This mod changes the layout of each of the Cities/Districts mentioned above. * Many new buildings throughout the Imperial City.

Which is the first mod to load Oblivion?

Certain groups of mods are better off loading in certain locations in a load order because of how they overlap with other mods in that load order. First and foremost, Oblivion.esm load first. Then, all of the ESMs are loaded after it, followed by the ESPs.

What does the load order in Oblivion mean?

A load order is the “date modified” ordering of your the plugins that are processed in the game from earliest to most recent, the order in which content is processed by the game engine. Active plugins are plugins loaded into the game.

Is there a load order optimisation tool for Skyrim?

The Load Order Optimisation Tool (LOOT) can help with that, by providing automated load order sorting that’s simple to use and fully customisable. This mod does not have any known dependencies other than the base game.

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