How do I put my Fitbit in pairing mode?

Open the Fitbit app and tap Join Fitbit. Follow the on-screen instructions to create a Fitbit account and connect (“pair”) your Fitbit device to your phone or tablet. Pairing makes sure your Fitbit device and phone or tablet can communicate with one another (sync their data).

How do I connect my Bluetooth headphones to my Fitbit?

How do I pair headphones or speakers to my Fitbit watch? Activate pairing mode on your Bluetooth headphones or speaker….

  1. On your watch, open the Settings app .
  2. Tap Bluetooth.
  3. Tap the audio device you want to use or pair a new device. Then wait a moment for the device to connect.

How do I pair my Fitbit with Bluetooth?

Make sure your Fitbit is connected to the Android via Bluetooth. Start the Settings app and tap “Connections,” then tap “Bluetooth.” Find the entry for your Fitbit in the list and if it’s not connected, tap it to try to connect.

Why is my Fitbit not connecting to my Bluetooth?

Troubleshooting steps Bluetooth and turn Bluetooth off and back on. Turn your phone or tablet off and back on. Uninstall and reinstall the Fitbit app. If your Fitbit scale won’t sync after you reinstall the app, log in to your Fitbit account on a different phone or tablet and try to sync.

How do I put my Fitbit versa 3 into pairing mode?

How to pair a Fitbit Versa with your phone

  1. Open the Fitbit app and tap your Account icon (it’s your profile picture at the top-left of the app).
  2. Tap Set up a Device.
  3. Choose which Versa you have (we’re using the Versa 2 in this example).
  4. Tap Set Up.
  5. Tap Accept to agree to Fitbit’s privacy policy.
  6. Tap Next.

How do I pair my Fitbit with my iPhone?

How to pair your Fitbit to your iPhone or iPad

  1. Tap the account button in the upper-right corner of the Fitbit app.
  2. Tap Set Up a Device.
  3. Select the Fitbit you want to pair from the available list.
  4. Plug your Fitbit into its charger.
  5. Tap Next.

How do I connect wireless headphones to my Fitbit?

To pair Flyer, press and hold the Power button for 4 seconds when turning on the headphones, and wait until the LED pulses blue, which indicates Flyer is in pairing mode.

How do I turn on Bluetooth on my Fitbit versa 3?


  1. Open the Settings app on your Versa then Bluetooth > Pair.
  2. Go to your phone Bluetooth Settings and wait for the phone to finish scan for new Bluetooth connections.
  3. If Versa (Classic) appears tap on it.
  4. If it doesn’t appear, turn off Bluetooth for 5 seconds and turn it back on.

Can I use Fitbit without Bluetooth?

Fortunately using your Fitbit without Bluetooth is absolutely possible! It will work just as it does normally. The only reason you need Bluetooth to get the full functionality of your Fitbit is when connecting it to the mobile app in order to track your progress or record your daily activity.

How do I reset my Fitbit Bluetooth?


  1. Turn off Bluetooth, turn it back on, and then open the Fitbit app.
  2. Force quit the Fitbit app and open it again.
  3. Reboot your mobile device and then open the Fitbit app again.
  4. Restart your tracker 2 or 3 times in a row.
  5. If your tracker didn’t sync, try syncing with your computer.

How do I change the settings on my Fitbit?

  1. From the dashboard, click the gear icon. Settings.
  2. Find the information you would like to change and make your changes.
  3. Click Submit.

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