How do you catch the flying lurkers in Jak and Daxter?

How do you catch the flying lurkers in Jak and Daxter?

Just keep chasing them around until you can hit them. Try and learn their pattens so you can anticipate their turns and catch up with them since they fly at about the same basic speed as your Zoomer. When you close enough, use L1 to tag/hit a Flying Lurker and make them disappear.

How do you get the secret ending in Jak and Daxter?

After collecting all 100 power cells and unlocking the “secret ending”, Samos, Jak, Daxter, and Keira turn toward a large Precursor door which is opened using the cells. Behind it is a large, blinding light which is later revealed in the second game to be the Rift Rider and Rift Gate.

How do you break the metal boxes in Jak and Daxter?

There is a metal box somewhere in a cave, frozen into a wall. Use yellow eco to destroy it and take the power cell inside.

How do you destroy the dark eco crystals in spider cave?

Walkthrough. in Spider Cave, there is a total of five dark eco crystals located throughout the level. Some of these are well hidden and some others more obvious. The goal is to destroy them, which is accomplished by simply touching them, at which point they will detonate after a timed interval.

Where are the blue precursor rings?

After you have made it through the Purple Rings successfully the Blue Rings will open up in the second section of the Basin (the section that had the infected Dark Eco plants).

What happened to Keira in Jak 3?

Jak 3. Keira did not have much of a prominent role in Jak 3. She sent Jak on a few missions, as well as made a new, upgraded version of the JET-Board for him. Jak’s love interest shortly became Ashelin Praxis, the two sharing an off-screen kiss towards the end of the game.

Is there a secret ending to Jak 2?

In Jak II, secrets are unlocked as you progress through the game, they are not bought but will be unlocked after collecting a certain amount of Precursor orbs….Jak II.

Secret How to Unlock Description
Scene Player Act 2 Collect 95 Precursor orbs A collection of all cutscenes from Act 2.

How do you activate the yellow ECO in Spider Cave?

Towards the end, you will find the yellow vent switch. Grab the power cell to automatically activate it and unlock yellow eco vents throughout the world. To get back safely, jump back down to the entrance with the pine trees.

Where is the last dark eco crystals in spider cave?

The last of the Dark Crystals can be found in the Dark Cave. At the fourth crystal that you can hit to light up the room you can head to the left to find a body of water. Dive down to the bottom to touch and set off the last of the Dark Crystals and you will be awarded a Power Cell.

How do you get to Boggy Swamp?

You can get to Boggy Swamp by taking the wooden bridges that are to the left of the Gambler and Warrior when you first walk into the room that they’re in. You can only use these bridges after you’ve given the Warrior 90 Precursor Orbs, though.

Where are the 7 scout flies in Rock Village?

Just outside of the large room with the Gambler and Warrior and towards the Blue Sage’s machine, you’ll find a Scout Fly sitting there for you. 7. There is a Scout Fly located at the end of the bridges that leads you to Boggy Swamp on the opposite end of Rock Village from the Blue Sage’s hut.

Who are the Lurkers in Jak and Daxter?

The only lurkers seen after the events of Jak II and before the events of The Lost Frontier were jungle fish which made a rather diminutive appearance during Jak X: Combat Racing inside a fish tank at the Bloody Hook pub in Kras City. During The Lost Frontier, the only lurker seen was Barter, a self-proclaimed “top-dog” and bar owner in Far Drop.

Who are the Lurkers in the Lost Frontier?

The Lurkers are a race of varying creatures seen in The Precursor Legacy, Daxter, Jak II, and The Lost Frontier.

Who are the Lurkers in the Precursor Legacy?

During the first game, most lurkers also had metallic collars or braces, suggesting slavery or a drone-like military system under the Acherons. During The Precursor Legacy, the Lurkers did not appear to have any societal structure amongst themselves, rather followed blindly the command of Gol Acheron and Maia.

Who is captain of Krimzon Guard in Jak and Daxter?

After the death of the tyrannical ruler of Haven City, Baron Praxis, and the evident dissolution of the Krimzon Guard (and thus the Krimzon Animal Control), Brutter became captain of the New Krimzon Guard, a transition faction between the Krimzon Guard and the Freedom League seen in Jak II.

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