How do you reference Socrates?

How do you reference Socrates?

Plato’s writing uses Stephanus numbers, where you cite a text by giving the title, a section number and letter: Socrates describes himself as a ‘gadfly’ (Apology 30e). The citation above, for instance, points to section 30e of the Apology. This system is based on a Renaissance edition of the complete works of Plato.

How do you cite Plato apology?

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How do you cite quotes from Plato?

Based on this, a quotation of Plato includes the name of the dialogue (plus the book number for Republic and Laws), the page number in the Stephanus edition followed by the letter of the section including the first word of the quotation.

How do you use Bekker numbers?

“Bekker numbers”—reference to the text by the page number, column (“a” or “b”), and line number of the Bekker edition—became standard for subsequent scholars and students.

How do you quote a leviathan?

Citation DataMLA. Hobbes, Thomas, 1588-1679. Leviathan. Baltimore :Penguin Books, 1968.APA. Hobbes, Thomas, 1588-1679. ( 1968). Leviathan. Baltimore :Penguin Books,Chicago. Hobbes, Thomas, 1588-1679. Leviathan. Baltimore :Penguin Books, 1968.

How do you cite a philosopher?

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the format, here are examples of proper bibliographic citations and footnotes using the three most common sources for a philosophy paper. Bibliography: Author’s last name, Author’s first name. Title. Place of publication: Publisher, Year of publication.

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