How do you unlock Episode 45 in MGSV?

Unlocking mission 45 requires having access to side-op 150 (Secure Quiet). It happens because mission 45 begins right after you complete side-op 150 (you won’t even be able to get prepared). The first requirement is having Quiet available as a buddy.

How do I unlock Quiet after Mission 45?

All you need to do is replay mission 11, “Cloaked in Silence,” seven times. The name of that mission will change to “[Reunion] Cloaked in Silence,” and after completing it, Quiet will return to Mother Base with all of her researched weapons and items intact.

How do you complete mission 45?

Do the following:

  1. Equip a level 3 Battle Dress and a level 3 CGM Rocket launcher.
  2. Shoot rockets in front of the palace (don’t waste time hiding inside)
  3. Take cover behind the large rocks at all times to avoid cheap missile fire.
  4. After all tanks and gunships are down, quickly make your way to the LZ.
  5. Skip all cutscenes.

How do I unlock Mission 45 46?

Enter and complete Side Op 150, and Mission 45 will begin immediately at the end of that. Complete Mission 45, and you can now begin the process of unlocking mission 46. Now Mission 46 will take a ton of work, but don’t lose sight of your goal. You must complete every single campaign mission in the game (1-45, 47-50).

Does Quiet leave after 45?

In case you’ve forgotten, Quiet unceremoniously departs from Mother Base after the completion of Mission 45 and is no longer available for deployment.

Why does Quiet leave?

After a second parasite outbreak occurs on Diamond Dogs’ base due to a mutation, Quiet disappears into Afghanistan, realizing that she could never guarantee the safety of Diamond Dogs.

Can you stop Quiet from leaving?

If you prevent her from leaving, it will keep you from doing a mission that leads to the true ending. Supposedly, there are two ways to stop Quiet from leaving your side: Lower your bond level – if your bond level isn’t at 100%, she won’t leave.

How do I trigger Quiet missions?

TRIGGERING THE MISSION Both Side Ops involve passing thru Aabe Shipaf Ruins, which triggers the battle against Quiet.

How do I stop Quiet from leaving?

Supposedly, there are two ways to stop Quiet from leaving your side:

  1. Lower your bond level – if your bond level isn’t at 100%, she won’t leave.
  2. Put the Butterfly (front) design on your emblem before you finish Mission 41 – this is the option you should go for.

Why is Quiet dressed like that?

The reason Quiet is dressed like that is because she’s affected by a parasite which forces her to breathe through her skin instead of her more traditional airways. The more skin is covered, the harder it is for her to breathe, hence the skimpy outfit.

Is Quiet in love with snake?

So, by the end of the game (if you’ve done it right), you realise Quiet has a very strong bond with “Venom Snake”, going so far as to break her English-language vow of silence to save you.

Is Quiet related to the end?

Quiet seems to share The End’s photosynthetic abilities. Quiet could be related to The End without being Chico, of course.

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