How do you use bigamist in a sentence?

How do you use bigamist in a sentence?

Bigamy sentence example

  1. Poverty excused bigamy on the part of a deserted wife.
  2. The document sanctioning the bigamy of the landgrave was signed by Martin Bucer, Luther and Melanchthon, and is a humiliating paper.
  3. Bigamy was punished in England until the reign of William III.
  4. When he added bigamy and adultery, Urban II.

What is the meaning of the word bigamist?

: the crime of marrying someone while still legally married to someone else — compare polygamy. Other Words from bigamy. bigamist \ -​mist \ noun.

What is in a bigamist?

Word forms: bigamists A bigamist is a person who commits the crime of marrying someone when they are already legally married to someone else.

What is the difference between a bigamist and a polygamist?

Polygamy is defined as the practice or condition of one male, having more than one female spouse at the same time, conventionally referring to a situation where all spouses know about each other, in contrast to bigamy, where two or more spouses are usually unaware of each other.

Is adultery a crime?

There were very few divorces compared to today, and even fewer instances where adultery was even mentioned. So, in answer to the question, no, adultery is not a crime.

What does desertion mean?

1 : an act of deserting especially : the abandonment without consent or legal justification of a person, post, or relationship and the associated duties and obligations sued for divorce on grounds of desertion. 2 : a state of being deserted or forsaken.

What are the three types of polygamy?

Polygamy exists in three specific forms:

  • Polygyny, wherein a man has multiple simultaneous wives.
  • Polyandry, wherein a woman has multiple simultaneous husbands.
  • Group marriage, wherein the family unit consists of multiple husbands and multiple wives of legal age.

Why is it illegal to have multiple wives?

It’s illegal because lawmakers, who are usually financially well off, if not wealthy, don’t want to share that wealth with any more people than they have to. If polygamy were legal, then women would have more power than they think.

How do you prove a sham marriage?

They have to intend to live in a real marital relationship, namely to establish a life together, following the marriage ceremony—and must prove their intention through their actions. If the couple doesn’t intend to establish a life together, their marriage is a sham.

How long do you go to jail for fake marriage?

5 years
Federal Law Punishes Marriage Fraud Any individual who knowingly enters into a marriage for the purpose of evading any provision of the immigration laws shall be imprisoned for not more than 5 years, or fined not more than $250,000, or both.

What happens if you cheat while married?

Adultery isn’t just a crime in the eyes of your spouse. In 21 states, cheating in a marriage is against the law, punishable by a fine or even jail time.

Meaning of bigamist in English. bigamist. › someone who marries a person while already legally married to someone else: He was accused of being a bigamist. The marriage is not valid if one spouse is a bigamist. Five years ago, she discovered her husband was a bigamist.

What is the legal definition of bigamy in the US?

The legal definition of bigamy is a situation in which one person, legally married, enters into a second marriage contract with another without dissolving the first. A person must end a marriage before marrying again, either by death, annulment, or divorce.

Can a marriage be valid if one spouse is a bigamist?

He was accused of being a bigamist. The marriage is not valid if one spouse is a bigamist. Five years ago, she discovered her husband was a bigamist. He turns out to be an imposter and a bigamist. There are plenty of bigamists who don’t mention previous spouses.

Which is the best definition of the word parameter?

English Language Learners Definition of parameter : a rule or limit that controls what something is or how something should be done See the full definition for parameter in the English Language Learners Dictionary

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