How long is the film Brief Encounter?

1h 30m
Brief Encounter/Running time

What is the story of Brief Encounter?

Returning home from a shopping trip to a nearby town, bored suburban housewife Laura Jesson (Celia Johnson) is thrown by happenstance into an acquaintance with virtuous doctor Alec Harvey (Trevor Howard). Their casual friendship soon develops during their weekly visits into something more emotionally fulfilling than either expected, and they must wrestle with the potential havoc their deepening relationship would have on their lives and the lives of those they love.
Brief Encounter/Film synopsis

Who played Alex Harvey in Brief Encounter?

Supposedly set in ‘Kent’, southeast England, ‘Milford Junction’ railway station, where the comfortably married Laura Jesson (Celia Johnson) meets Dr Alex Harvey (Trevor Howard) for chastely clandestine afternoons, was Carnforth in Lancashire, about five miles north of Lancaster in the far northwest, now Carnforth …

What year is brief encounter set?

This movie takes place in 1938. Henrietta Vincent, who played Celia Johnson’s daughter, was actually her niece. The two movies that Laura and Alec choose between, “The Loves of Cardinal Richelieu” and “Love in the Mist”, are fictional.

Is falling in love a remake of Brief Encounter?

Thus ‘Falling in Love’ is less poignant and the ending is less heartbreaking. This isn’t a bad movie, but it’s nowhere near as good as the film it is so obviously a remake of, ‘Brief Encounter.

What music was used in Brief Encounter?

Piano Concerto No 2
Rachmaninov’s Piano Concerto No 2, known to many as the Brief Encounter theme, has been voted the nation’s favourite piece of classical music. The work, featured throughout the 1945 film about lost love starring Celia Johnson and Trevor Howard, came top in the poll of Classic FM listeners.

Why was Brief Encounter filmed at Carnforth?

The production was originally intended to take place at a station in London but the Ministry of War Transport decided Carnforth was far away enough from the capital to be safe from enemy attack. Reportedly, Lean chose Carnforth because of its slopes from the platforms to the station’s subway.

What station was used in Brief Encounter?

Carnforth station
Lean shot Brief Encounter’s exterior station scenes at Carnforth station, with its refreshment room scenes, where lead characters Alec and Laura meet, filmed in a studio. Lean had decided the station’s real refreshment room was too far from the platforms for the actors to reach quickly enough.

Is falling in love a good movie?

Falling in Love is a decent film. It is about Frank and Molly run into each other while shopping for Christmas. Robert De Niro and Meryl Streep give good performances. Robert De Niro and Meryl Streep give good performances.

Where was brief encounter filmed?

Brief Encounter Film Locations at Carnforth Station, Lancashire.

What movie is Rachmaninoff?

The Harvest of Sorrow1998The Art of Piano: Great Pianists of the 20th Century2002
Sergei Rachmaninoff/Movies

What was filmed at Carnforth Station?

Brief Encounter
Brief Encounter – about two married strangers who fall in love after meeting at a station – was shot at Carnforth between February 5 and February 16 1945, shortly before the end of WWII.

What did Celia Johnson look like in Brief Encounter?

Pictured, Celia Johnson and Trevor Howard starring in Brief Encounter Far from being a glamorous movie star, down-to-earth Celia wore thick-lensed spectacles and false front teeth, having knocked out her own jumping off a pier on to a pebbly beach when she was in her teens

What kind of movies did Celia Johnson appear in?

Celia Johnson. Dame Celia Elizabeth Johnson, DBE (18 December 1908 – 26 April 1982) was an English actress, known for her roles in the films In Which We Serve (1942), This Happy Breed (1944), Brief Encounter (1945) and The Captain’s Paradise (1953). For Brief Encounter, she was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Actress.

Who are the actors in the movie Brief Encounter?

It follows the story of Laura Jesson (Celia Johnson) who by chance meets Dr. Alec Harvey (legendary British actor Trevor Howard) and it quickly becomes obvious that they have fallen in love, which swiftly develops into a full-blown affair.

How old was Celia Johnson when she died?

She was 73 years old. Dame Celia was to have opened Tuesday night opposite Sir Ralph Richardson in a new play called ”The Understanding.” Tonight’s preview was canceled and the production indefinitely postponed, a spokesman said. Dame Celia played opposite Trevor Howard in ”Brief Encounter.”

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