How many people died at Mid Staffordshire hospital?

How many people died at Mid Staffordshire hospital?

The offending sentence, the error of which was reflected in an online picture caption, said: “The Mid Staffordshire trust was at the centre of one of the biggest scandals to hit the NHS when it emerged that an estimated 400-1,200 patients had died as a result of poor care between January 2005 and March 2009 at Stafford …

What came out of the Francis report?

The Francis Report was published based on a public inquiry into poor care at the Mid Staffordshire NHS Foundation Trust. The report examined what led to poor standards of care at the hospital, unnecessary patient deaths and why the warning signs of serious failings were not recognised.

What happened at Mid Staffordshire hospital?

What happened at Stafford Hospital? In 2009, a report by the Healthcare Commission laid bare the problems at Stafford, which was run by the Mid Staffordshire NHS Trust. The regulator condemned “appalling” standards of care and reported there had been at least 400 more deaths than expected between 2005 and 2008.

What did the Francis report say about leadership?

The Francis report placed an emphasis on strong leadership at every level of the NHS. It called for openness, transparency and candour.

What were the failings at Mid Staffordshire hospital?

patients not given ready access to food and water. chronic staff shortages. failure in the leadership of the hospital. a culture in which staff members who had concerns about failures in care were discouraged from speaking out.

What was the outcome of the Francis report?

The document stated: “The inquiry chairman, Robert Francis QC, concluded that patients were routinely neglected by a trust that was preoccupied with cost cutting, targets and processes and which lost sight of its fundamental responsibility to provide safe care.”

What is the impact of the Francis report * on pharmacy?

enabling people, including patients and people working within pharmacy, to raise concerns about safety and standards of care so that these can be fully and openly addressed. continuing to use regulation to engender an open, accountable and just culture within pharmacy, in which professionalism can flourish.

Who was responsible for the Mid Staffordshire Hospital scandal?

Sir Robert Francis QC, who chaired the public inquiry into the Mid Staffordshire hospital scandal, has called for a new national organisation with powers to set standards on the handling of patient complaints after research found seven in eight hospital trusts do not follow existing rules.

When did the Francis report on Stafford Hospital come out?

The Francis report of February 2013 concluded that it would be unsafe to infer from these statistics that there was any particular number of avoidable or unnecessary deaths at the trust. On 30 January 2019, Channel 4 announced that they had commissioned a drama of the Stafford Hospital scandal from the perspective of Julie Bailey.

When was the first report on the Mid Staffs scandal published?

On Wednesday 6 February Francis will publish the report of his 31-month-long public inquiry into the scandal. His first report, published in February 2010, was an independent report under the NHS Act rather than a full-blown public inquiry.

When did Burnham report on Stafford Hospital scandal come out?

The generally critical inquiry report was published on 24 February 2010. The report made 18 local and national recommendations, including that the regulator, Monitor, de-authorise the foundation trust. In February 2010, Burnham agreed to a further independent inquiry of the commissioning, supervisory and regulatory bodies for foundation trusts.

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