How much does a 50hp Mercury outboard cost?

How much does a 50hp Mercury outboard cost?

Mercury Motors

New Mercury Motor Price
50 ELPT CT $8,099
60 ELPT $8,399
60 ELPT CT $8,799
75 ELPT $10,099

How much does a 60 hp Mercury outboard cost?

$8,999.00. In Stock – Brand New 60 Hp Mercury 4-Stroke Command Thrust outboard motor.

Does Mercury make good outboards?

Many people look to buy boats that come with motors, but they don’t always get the best engine. Mercury Marine offers a range of different outboard motors in its lineup. With engines ranging from 2.5 to 400 horsepower, Mercury has every boater covered. Mercury is also one of the leaders in inboard motors.

How much does a 9.9 Mercury motor cost?

Mercury Outboard Prices: 2021

7/30/2020 MERCURY Outboard PRICES: 2021 Program Year
1A10302LK 9.9E EFI FourStroke $3,480
1A10452BK 9.9ELPT ProKicker EFI FourStroke $3,720
1A10462BK 9.9EXLPT ProKicker EFI FourStroke $3,850
1A10451BK 9.9ELHPT ProKicker EFI FourStroke $3,750

How much does a 150 Mercury cost?

Mercury also offers its direct-injection two-stroke OptiMax 150 ($12,500), a bulkier V-6.

Why are outboard motors so expensive?

Boat motors (outboards) are expensive because they are equipped with high-quality parts that are not only designed to resist constant working at max RPMs but made with materials meant to resist corrosion well. All of this needs significant work in R&D (more money), resulting in a pricey product.

How long do Mercury outboards last?

Mercury motors claim to last thousands of miles, but like all other motors, this depends on the care, maintenance, and use. With the proper care and cleaning, Mercury outboard motors could offer you over 2,000 or even 3,000 hours of use.

Is Evinrude better than mercury?

The answers to these questions can make all the difference when picking Mercury Optimax vs. Evinrude. The Evinrude is known for running cleanly and more efficiently. That means over time, you’ll get more bang for your buck while traveling long distances.

How fast will a 9.9 outboard go?

Assuming this is a light 14′ utility boat and a standard 9.9, Mercury would recommend a 8.5 to 9.5 pitch prop for the OP’s application and predicts a top speed around 20 mph.

How heavy is a Mercury 9.9 outboard?

84 lbs
Specifications – 9.9

HP / kW 9.9 / 7.3
Dry weight *Lightest model available 84 lbs / 38 kg
CARB star rating 3
Bore and stroke 2.16 x 1.73″ / 55 x 44 mm
Ignition CDI w/electronic spark advance

How fast will a Mercury 150 go?

With a 150-hp Mercury Four Stroke turning a 15.6×13 pitch Enertia prop, we reached our top speed of 35.1 mph at 6000 rpm. Best cruise came in at 3000 rpm and 14.3 mph.

What is the largest Mercury outboard?

On Thursday, Feb. 11, 2021, at 11:00 am, Mercury Marine announced the largest outboard engine ever made – it is the 7.6 L 600-hp V12 4-stroke outboard that weighs 1,260 lbs. (571.52 kg) and retails for about $77,000.

Is Mercury Optimax bad outboards?

Mercury Optimax outboards are just fine. Like all the others, if you use them the way they’re intended to be used, keep up with regular maintenance, as described in the owner’s manual, they’ll do just fine. Don’t do that, and any outboard will soon become a lemon.

Where to find used outboard motors?

Look on the Internet. You can do a general, local search on, or better yet, look at websites created specifically to sell used outboard motors, such as,, and

Where is the VIN on a Mercury outboard?

The VIN’s location on a Mercury is, as with most vehicles, along the inside base of the windshield in front and to the left of the driver. Vehicle identification numbers are engraved or stamped on a plastic or aluminum tag attached to the top of the dashboard.

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