How much does a Pacific Seacraft 37 cost?

Naturally the newer boats will be quite expensive (the base price of a brand-new model is around $200,000), but early models sell for less than $100,000. W. I. B.

Is Pacific Seacraft still in business?

The company fell on hard times, however, and was sold last year. This is far from the first time a venerated brand has gone out of business, but Pacific Seacraft is being reborn, and in an unlikely place.

What kind of boat is Atticus?

Allied Seawind 30
Season 1.5 – Refitting our Allied Seawind 30 For three years we refitted our small sailboat, Atticus, an Allied Seawind 30, in Key West, Florida with the goal of sailing around the world.

Where are Tayana Yachts built?

Production. The design is built by Ta Yang Yacht Building, under the Tayana Yachts brand in Taiwan.

Where are Pacific Seacraft boats made?

Washington, North Carolina
Named by Fortune Magazine as “Builder of One of America’s Best Products,” Pacific Seacraft’s sailboats are internationally recognized as one of the finest blue water sailing yachts in the world. Each vessel is hand crafted in Washington, North Carolina by master shipbuilders.

What boat did Atticus buy?

Allied Seawind
The Refit. What followed was three years of refitting Atticus, our 1963 Allied Seawind, which we bought in Key West, Florida for $5,000.

How old is Desiree from Atticus?

Jordan Wicht, 27, and Desiree Golen, 28, of Key West, Florida are repairing a 51-year-old sail boat in hopes of sailing through the Caribbean Islands. They plan to launch a series of videos on their adventures, showcasing the journey, cultures they encounter and people they meet.

Where are passport sailboats made?

Originally manufactured in Taiwan, since 2000, Passport Yachts have been built on Xiamen Island, a former Dutch colony off the coast of China, a designated duty-free zone.

Who designed the Tayana 42?

The Tayana Vancouver 42 was the result of a collaboration between the legendary Taiwanese yard Ta Yang and the equally well-known designer Robert Harris. She followed on the heels of the prolific Tayana 37 design by Bob Perry and was one of a series of “Vancouver” designs including 27 and 36 footers.

What is a good blue water sailboat?

Twelve Top Bluewater Cruising Boats

  • The Oyster 56 A Lady departs Bermuda in company with a Bavaria 50.
  • A Hallberg Rassy 42F powers to windward.
  • Jeanneau’s handsome Sun Odyssey 54 and 49 deck saloon models have become popular ocean-crossers.
  • The evergreen Amel Super Maramu.
  • An early-model Hallberg-Rassy 42.
  • The Amel 54.

What boat is Atticus 2?

Pacific Seacraft 40
Always up for the challenge, the couple started the process of searching for their new boat and after touring various boats decided Atticus 2 would be a Pacific Seacraft 40.

Where is Atticus sailing?

For three years we refitted our small sailboat, Atticus, an Allied Seawind 30, in Key West, Florida with the goal of sailing around the world.

What kind of boat is the Pacific Seacraft 37?

1994 Pacific Seacraft 37 Crealock 1994 PACIFIC SEACRAFT 37’ CREALOCKReady for Offshore Cruising The Pacific Seacraft 37 (aka Crealock 37) is designed for cruising. She is a beautiful sailing ship that has excellent performance on all points of sail, is superbly constructed and time tested.

When did Pacific Seacraft Crealock 37 go on sale?

1983 Pacific Seacraft Crealock 37 REDUCED OCTOBER 2015: Navy civil engineer military deployment overseas forces sale. All offers considered Carefully maintained example of one of the finest cruising boats ever designed and built. Sailboat Hall of Fame inductee in 2002, listed as one of Ferenc Mate World’s Best Sailboats.

Who is the designer of the Pacific Seacraft?

The Pacific Seacraft 37 was designed by Bill Crealock, who is one of the few naval architects who can draw from the personal experience of 8 years of blue water cruising. His Pacific Seacraft 37 (aka Crealock 37) is legendary and was designed strictly for offshore cruising. She was recently inducted into the Cruising Yacht Hall of Fame.

What kind of boat is Pacific Seacraft Sweet Thing?

1991 Pacific Seacraft 37 Crealock “Sweet Thing” is the very desirable cutter rig with a shoal draft wing keel. Loaded with many recent cruising additions, she is turn key and ready for any use. She is an excellent boat for island getaways that will make some lucky couple a great cruising sailboat.

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