How much does a Richard Mille cost?

How much does a Richard Mille cost?

Prices at a Glance: Richard Mille Watches

Model Price (approx.) Case material
RM 055 Bubba Watson 390,000 USD Ceramic
RM 11-03 405,000 USD Rose gold
RM 27-03 Rafael Nadal 774,000 USD Quartz TPT/carbon TPT
RM 052 Skull 1.14 million USD Titanium

How much is the cheapest Richard Mille?

Entry into the Richard Mille club will run you around $80,000. That’s for a brand new RM 005, which is their “cheapest” model.

Why Richard Mille is so expensive?

The Core Elements of a Richard Mille Watch While the brand may enjoy celebrity endorsements, the key to the price tag of Richard Mille watches really is in the core elements of the timepieces: the design, the materials, and the technical elegance of the movement.

What is the most expensive Richard Mille watch?

The most expensive Richard Mille? On JamesEdition, we have this $7,306,000 RM 008 Tourbillon. At the other end of the price scale is this RM 016 Automatic Extra Flat Red Gold at $95,000. In total, we have over 500 Richard Mille watches for sale.

Is Richard Mille a billionaire?

The champagne was on ice at Richard Mille’s production facilities in Les Breuleux. It’ll be a couple more months, then, before Richard Mille becomes the Swiss watch industry’s eighth billionaire brand, joining Audemars Piguet which passed the billion mark in 2019.

Do Richard Mille watches hold value?

On the resale market, Mille consistently goes up in value. Hiaeve told Insider he’s seen some go from $100,000 to $120,000, up 20% to 30%, every few months. Not just because they are beautiful, but because they also retain their value.

Who wears a Richard Mille watch?


Name Profession
Bubba Watson American golfer: Watson won the 2012 Masters Tournament wearing a Richard Mille watch.
Pharrell Williams American music producer and singer-songwriter
Michelle Yeoh Malaysian actress: Richard Mille developed the Richard Mille RM 051 Phoenix-Michelle Yeoh.

Who owns a Richard Mille watch?

Horométrie SA
Richard Mille is a Swiss luxury watch company founded in 2001 by Dominique Guenat and Richard Mille, and based in Les Breuleux, Switzerland. The brand specialises in ultra–high–end luxury watches….This article’s tone or style may not reflect the encyclopedic tone used on Wikipedia.

Type Private
Parent Horométrie SA

Who owns a Richard Mille?

This article’s tone or style may not reflect the encyclopedic tone used on Wikipedia.

Type Private
Area served Worldwide
Key people Richard Mille (Chairman) Dominique Guenat (Board Member) Lucien Tissot (Director) Yves Mathys (Board Member, Director) Timothée Malachard (Managing Director) Marie-France Aubry-Baume (Director)

Does Richard Mille hold value?

How much does a Richard Mille RM 003 cost?

The numbers scroll over a small white insert at 3 o’clock, thus showing the time in another part of the world. You can reset this display using a button on the left side of the case at 9 o’clock. A mint-condition Richard Mille RM 003 typically sells for around 247,000 USD. Pre-owned pieces demand about 202,000 USD.

What kind of watches does Richard Mille make?

For example, the RM 052 Skull houses a tourbillon in its rose gold case. Its baseplate and bridges are titanium and shaped like a human skull. You can call this unique Richard Mille creation your own for roughly 1.14 million USD. One of the latest additions to the Richard Mille catalog is the RM 65-01 Automatic Split-Seconds Chronograph.

What does Richard Mille do for a living?

Richard Mille launches a multi-year partnership with Ferrari. Each ladies’ timepiece as complex and intriguing as it is breathtakingly beautiful. Every detail of a watch is studied to combine a technical solution with superlative design. The story behind.

What kind of case does Richard Mille use?

Barrel shafts: nickel-free Chronifer® (DIN x 46 Cr13 + S), with the following characteristics: stainless – non-magnetic – suitable for tempering. The case is made from a brand new material exclusive to Richard Mille: TitaCarb®.

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