How much does it cost to rebuild a 47RE transmission?

How much does it cost to rebuild a 47RE transmission?

Standard shop rebuild is $3000. Cheap rebuild with just kit, clutches and seals can be had for $1000 from retired shadetree builders. Usual Billet build is 5k.

Is the 47RE a good transmission?

The 47RE transmission in these trucks is not a favored transmission among Cummins owners. Some of the most common problems with this transmission involve being stuck in a gear, failure of the torque converter to lock, or hard shifts. The 47RE uses bands to shift gears as opposed to clutch packs.

How much does it cost to rebuild a g56 transmission?

Rebuilt Dyno Tested G56 Transmissions 12 month warranty

Part Number Description Your Cost
MTCRY029 Rebuilt Transmission 05-UP 4X2 $5,193.33
MTCRY030 Rebuilt Transmission 05-UP 4X4 $5,193.33
MTCRY028 Rebuilt Transmission 05-UP 4X4 $5,193.33
Core Charge on above Transmission $2,000.00

How many speed is a 47RE transmission?

It’s a Dodge 47RE/48RE-based four-speed automatic designed to handle obscene amounts of horsepower and torque. It can be tailored to a variety of applications, including Ford, Dodge, and Chevy diesel trucks.

How much horsepower can a 47RE handle?

A stock 47RE will only safely handle 100psi of fluid pressure, while a Racing Valve body from Power Driven Diesel can handle 225 to 250psi, and thus more than 1,200 horsepower output.

What’s the difference between a 47RE and a 48RE?

47RE has a different color pump. Pump is unpainted on the 47RE, and the 48RE have a black coating on them IIRC. Also the 48RE has a plastic ring on the reaction shaft support.

Which is better 47RH or 47RE?

The stock 47RH output is much stronger than the stock 47RE output.

What is the difference between a 47RE transmission and a 48RE transmission?

Which is better NV5600 or G56?

The single advantage to the NV5600 is the higher OD ratio than the G56 in the pre-emission years. Some say there isn’t enough main shaft supports and the aluminum case flexes too much on the G56 when used hard. The NV5600 is heavy and requires oil changes often, IMO at 20K miles, as it shears it’s oil down.

Are all NV4500 transmissions the same?

Dodge 4wd NV4500 transmissions have always maintained the same gear ratios and bolt patterns throughout production; however, variations occur between diesel (and V10) versus gas models. Diesel NV4500 4WD transmissions always have a 29 spine rear output shaft with a 6-1/4″” rear tailhousing.

Is the 48RE a good transmission?

The 48RE is a good tranny. That is, it’s strong and reliable under stock or near stock conditions.

How much power can a stock NV4500 handle?

Registered. The NV4500 will not hold up to steady towing even if you limit it’s input to less than 300HP. If you limit application of power to everything but 4th it should hold up pretty well. Every other gear is on the countershaft, and the countershaft is the weak link of the transmission.

Where can I rebuild my Cummins 47rh transmission?

Rebuild your 47RH, 47RE, 48RE, or 68RFE transmission with a quality rebuild kit from BD Power, Goerend Transmission, or ATS Diesel.

Why is the 47RE transmission important to ATS?

That’s why ATS modifies the transmission to make it the strongest and most reliable part of your drivetrain. With the many shortcomings of the 47RE, none are more important than the clutch packs. This is what takes the power load and transmits it to the rear wheels.

What is ATS part number for Dodge 47rh?

ATS Billet Band Strut – 1989-2007 Dodge 618, 47RH, 47RE, and 48RE.ATS part number: 3147522104.. For applications that are pushed to the limits on the track, BD offers their Dodge Track-Master Competition series – built to take the extreme horsepower and torque.

What does it cost to rebuild a 47RE transmission?

Please ask a sales associate about the cost of this required upgrade 1-888-995-7278. Far from just being rebuilt, the Xtreme Performance series 1 is an OEM replacement that has been fully remanufactured with upgraded parts that have been designed to increase performance, reliability and longevity.

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