How much does it cost to reupholster a bass boat seat?

How much does it cost to reupholster a bass boat seat?

A sample upholstery job for layback seats, complete with new frames (using existing hardware and seat box), is priced at $345 each, according to the company’s website….Overall, the price per seat cushion is usually around $100 to $300+.

Part of the Boat Average Price
bass boat pedestal seat without/with back $100

Do they still make Bumble Bee bass boats?

Based in Tennessee State, Bumble Bee fiberglass watercrafts were manufactured until 2007. Though Bumble Bee Boats devoted themselves to being a limited production builder, the company has built a high number of vessels over 34 years of existence.

How many seats does a bass boat have?

When you’re headed out to the water, how many people can go on a bass boat? Most full-size boats that are around 20 to 21 feet can usually carry 5 people. They can also handle 900 to 1100 pounds. They may seat only three people, but if you have a big front deck, you can usually fit more riders on there.

How much does it cost to recover boat seats?

Boat seat reupholstery can be upwards of $80.00 per hour for the labor rate at a professional shop. Then add the cost of your marine vinyl of choice, and things add up quick. However, many boat seats can be recovered by doing it yourself. The cost is directly related to the extent of the damage.

How much does it cost to repair boat seats?

While there are numerous factors to consider when calculating, according to our research boat upholstery repair cost, the national average in the US ranges between $600 to $3,500. This estimate only takes into consideration the costs paid by boat owners in recent years, 2020 to 2021, to be exact.

Who is Earl Bentz?

EARL BENTZ, CEO Boat racing captured his imagination, and at age 16, Bentz drove in his first race, piloting the Blue Goose in an event on Lake Murray. Racing quickly became Bentz’s passion and soon he was competing on the national circuit, while continuing to work on boats and outboards at his uncle’s dealership.

How old is Phoenix Bass Boats?

About Phoenix Boats Phoenix Boats is a Tennessee corporation founded in 2007 by bass anglers for bass anglers. It has risen to become known as one of the industry leaders in quality and innovation. It is headquartered in Winchester, Tennessee, in a modern 150,000 square foot facility located on 52 acres.

How do I add more seats to my boat?

Here are some options.

  1. Cooler Seating. Cooler seats are the easiest way to add seating to a boat, bar none.
  2. Hard-Mounted Utility Seat. Robust stainless hardware makes for a sturdy seat that folds out of the way.
  3. Cushioned Folding Deck Chair.
  4. The Bean Bag.

Can you go over the weight limit on a boat?

It’s not illegal to exceed your capacity rating, but it’s not smart. And whether or not the boat’s overloaded depends more on weight than on the number of people. A bit more: A boat’s capacity rating delineates how many people or pounds the boat can safely hold in good conditions, as determined by the manufacturer.

How tall should boat seats be?

4 Piece Bass Boat Seats – Require a back rest height of at least 12” tall to mount to and the depth of the seating area will need to be 14” or longer. Fold Down Seats – Will work with most any boat. They do not attach to the back rest wall and. we suggestion a seating depth of 15” or longer.

How big is a bumble bee bass boat?

Bass Boat 17.5 FT Bumble Bee, looks good, runs great. It has new wheels and tires including the spare, new seats installed, comes with life jackets and three props. It has a 75hp Mariner outboard motor, ready to fish $1950.00 or best offer.

What can I add to my bumble bee bassboat?

“Also have added 8′ Pro II Power Pole, deck extension, rod box organizer, HB 788 HD on console, Hydrowave,3 bank Guest charger. Merc has some minor mods to it.”

What kind of motor does bumble bee have?

2002 Bumble Bee 290 Pro Vee 2002 Bumble Bee 290 Super Vee – NO MOTOR 19’1″ Super V, red and silver with new charcoal carpet and seats. Minnkota 65lb. thrust 24 volt trolling motor, 10″ jackplate, hot foot, new gauges, prerigged for a Mercury motor. Had a Mercury 225hp EFI on boat, boat is only rated for a 200hp so we took the motor off.

Which is the best marine boat seat series?

Wholesale Marine boat seat series’ include the ProAngler, Blast Off Pro, Big Bass, Torsa, Commander, Tracker, Centric, Premium, and Classic lines. If you’re looking to upgrade to the new style bench and bucket seats now found in popular boats like Ranger and Nitro bass boats we have those as well.

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