How much is the fare for Brampton Transit?


Fare Type Adult* Senior Resident*
Per Trip $3.10 $1.00
Weekly Pass $34.00
Monthly Pass $128.00 $15.00

Does Brampton Transit take cash?

Passengers can pay using cash or their PRESTO card on Brampton Transit and Züm. If you are paying with cash, please have the exact fare when boarding.

How long does a Brampton Transit transfer last?

2 hours
A transfer is valid for 2 hours from the time of issue. When you board another bus within the allotted time, present the transfer to the Bus Operator as you board the bus. With PRESTO, your transfer is automatically stored on the card.

Can I use PRESTO on Brampton Transit?

Brampton Transit passes can be loaded onto a PRESTO card at Brampton Transit terminals/facilities or online at Using a PRESTO card simplifies fare payments. No more cash, paper tickets or passes to worry about.

Is Brampton Transit free today?

In response to COVID-19 Brampton Transit is making changes to its services starting this week, including free service, enhanced cleaning, and more buses on busy routes. This means that Züm articulated buses may be seen on regular routes. …

Is Brampton transit pass valid in Mississauga?

The transfer allows you to board a connecting bus route without paying an additional fare. The transfer will also be accepted by Oakville Transit and Brampton Transit at locations where these services connect with Mississauga Transit service.

Is Brampton Transit safe?

We are committed to keeping you safe wherever you need to go, whenever you need to get there. There is a minimum of four cameras on every bus. This way – you know can count on being safe on your journey. Learn more about cameras on all buses.

What time does Brampton transit stop?

5 bus time schedule overview for the upcoming week: Starts operating at 6:56 AM and ends at 6:20 PM. Operating days this week: weekdays. Choose any of the 5 bus stops below to find updated real-time schedules and to see their route map.

How much is Presto monthly pass?

TTC Monthly Pass: This pass costs $156 for adults and $128.15 for seniors/youths. It provides unlimited travel on the TTC per month.

What time do Brampton buses stop running?

5 bus time schedule overview for the upcoming week: Starts operating at 12:04 AM and ends at 11:34 PM. Operating days this week: everyday. Choose any of the 5 bus stops below to find updated real-time schedules and to see their route map.

How many bus stops are in Brampton?

65 stops
Facts about Brampton Transit It covers over 31 km and has 65 stops.

Is Presto cheaper than tickets?

This is what you opt for when you don’t have a PRESTO card and know for a fact that you’ll be making only one or two TTC trips at most. Even though tickets, tokens, and PRESTO fares are all cheaper than cash singe fares, they require bundling and ancillary costs that eradicate any savings for a one- or two-time rider.

How do you deduct bus fare in Brampton?

Tap onto a Brampton Transit bus and a full fare is deducted from your card balance. When transferring to GO Transit, tap your PRESTO card and the GO Transit fare will be deducted. When exiting and tapping off of GO Transit, the Brampton Transit fare will be adjusted to the co-fare rate.

What kind of bus does Brampton Transit use?

Züm is operated by a fleet of specially painted New Flyer Xcelsior BRT buses. Must Show Brampton Transit Senior Identification card. Brampton Transit currently operates 82 bus routes throughout the City of Brampton.

How much does a Presto bus cost in Brampton?

PRESTO Fares Fare Type Adult* Youth* Senior* Child* Per Trip $3.10 $2.55 $1.60 $2.00 Weekly Pass $34.00 $27.50 – $22.00 Monthly Pass $128.00 $107.00 – $84.00

How much does it cost to ride the GO train in Brampton?

The $0.05 can be used towards a Brampton Transit pass (weekly or monthly). Customers pay $0.80 when using a GO Transit Single Ride paper ticket or Day Pass paper ticket when travelling to and from a GO Train station. The co-fare does not apply to GO’s Group Pass paper passes or its new e-tickets.

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