Are you facing problems while starting an electric lawn mower? Or you simply want to know its starting process? Well, you are not the only one. Some of the lawnmowers are tricky to start, especially if you own one of the older models. However, the electric motors are quite easy to start in general. Most of these machine comes with a starting key that you need to insert somewhere on their console or frame. Consult the manufacturer’s manual, if you are having difficulties to find this key slot.

For Cordless Lawnmower

In case of a cordless mower, you need to insert its key and press the starting button or pull back a lever that most of the electric machine comes with. After following these steps, the mower should start. If it’s not powering up, then check whether the battery is charged and properly attached with the mower. Also, make sure that the key and its slot are dirt free.

The mower might have a switch near its handle. Flip this button to turn on the mower. There are chances that you need to hold down an additional safety handle. Watch for this step, if the mower is not starting after inserting the key and pressing its power button. According to Garden grower you can read the reviews here for the best cordless lawnmower.

Next step is to make sure that the battery is functional. Try to start the mower using another spare battery. Make sure that there is no dirt or gunk between the connections of your mower and its battery.

Some of the mowers also have a plug that connects its battery to the rest of the machinery. If this plug looks dirty, then you should clean it and try to start the grass cutting machine again.

For Corded Lawn Mower

Talking about the starting process, a main powered mower is not different from the cordless ones. Power types are the only factor where these two mower categories clash because a corded model needs a power outlet to operate. So, the first step is to plug in its power plug to a nearby electric outlet.

The next step is to insert the key that came with this mower. Inserting the key will allow you to press a power button, which will eventually start the machine. In case, the mower doesn’t start after following the above-given steps, then you should check the power outlet. Plug any other machine or electronic device to ensure its functionality.

If you are using an extension box, then you need to make sure that it is active and working properly. The maximum limit of a mower from its power outlet should be within 100 feet. If it’s crossing the given distance, then the power flow might not be enough to rotate its motor.

Contact a local repair person if the product is out of warranty. Call the manufacturers if the mower is still under coverage. Keep the purchase receipt with you, in case you chose to visit the service centre.

Final Talk

Electric mowers are one of the best lawn maintenance tools if you own a small yard. In case your mower is not starting at all or you want to replace it, try FlymoSpeedi-Mo 360C if you want a high-quality corded mower. If you need some freedom, going with a cordless model like Greenworks Tools G40LM41K2Xwill be better. Don’t forget to check the best electric lower mower recommendations by our experts.

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