Instagram Stories: How To Use It Like A Pro And Build Your Audience

The feature of Instagram stories allows you to post videos and photos that appear for 24 hours. It is somewhat the same as the Snapchat stories and is introduced around 6 years ago. The content shared through Instagram stories can’t be seen in Instagram feed or profile’s content grid. Instead, Instagram stories appear within a bar present on top of your feed.

How to use Instagram Stories like a pro?

Instagram stories are a great way of boosting your Instagram account and increasing your follower count. Of course, you could also use a company offering packages to boost your engagement, but some like Greedier Social Media (Greedier Social Media was reviewed by The Small Business Blog) can’t be trusted. So this is definitely the best way to do it! For creating the Instagram stories, click on the icon of a camera on the left side of your screen or swipe rightwards. After that, Instagram shows a story creator. Now, there exist two options for creating a new Instagram story:

  • Select video or photo from the camera roll of your phone
  • Use an app for capturing new content.

Content which you upload via your device should have been made on the last day. For adding content through your device, tap on icon or swipe upwards. After then you will see your most recent content in the cameral roll and from there you can choose the material that you like for adding into your story.

It is an important thing to note that ideal dimensions for the Instagram stories are around 1080p x 1920p, having an aspect ratio up to 9:16. Use this size for creating a particular video or image for the Instagram stories. If you wish of making your customized graphics, you can check out for the free online designing tools like Canva. Instagram also provides a few best ways of capturing amazing content for stories that can help you in building your audience. Let’s discuss them one by one.

Customizing Your Instagram Stories

Let’s look at a few of the main ways of customizing the Instagram stories:

  1. Adding Face Filters into Your Stories

    Tired of selfies? Bring on this feature!

The face filters allow you to add flower crowns, bunny ears, glasses and much more. Also, these filters are responsive to the movements. For using these filters, turn on the front face of the camera and tap on the icon of the smiley face, located on the bottom right corner of the screen.

  1. Adding Text into Your Instagram Stories

This may seem little necessary, but the tool of adding text is very customizable and versatile, allowing you to pick color, size, effect, position and font of your choice. Just click on the icon of “Aa,” located on top of your screen for opening the options of text. You can change the style of your font by clicking on the button of “classic” located on the bottom side of the screen.

  1. Adding Stickers into Your Instagram Stories

There are many of the great stickers present on Instagram for stories. For acing the, merely tap on square shaped icon of smiley on top of your screen. You can find here following the primary type of stickers:

Location Stickers

It is the most famous form of labels used in the Instagram stories. It not only lets the viewers know your location but also exposes the story for a bigger audience. It is due to the complication of the best Instagram stories for every position in one separate place Instagram story. Users can find this by searching the area or in explore feed.

Hashtag Stickers

Likewise, hashtag stickers allow you to include additional context in front of viewers. Again, for making your stories to perform well, add hashtags in it and boost your views.

Tag Stickers

These stickers offer a method of linking with other accounts within your stories. Moreover, Instagram sends a notification to other reports regarding your tagged stories and they have an option of reposting it, exposing the brand to other people potentially.

GIF Stickers

A more natural way of adding some vibrancy and personality into your Instagram stories is to use GIFs. Also, Instagram has a partnership with Giphy so there exists a lot of GIFs from which you choose anything that you want to Buy Followers Instagram Cheap. Firstly, click on the icon of GIF and then pick the most trendy GIFs which appear on the front page or you can look for the GIFs by using the search bar.

Poll Stickers

Another famous feature of the Instagram stories is the poll. They offer a fantastic way of interacting with the audience and can be used for gaining valuable insights by followers.

  1. Get Advantage of Highlights into Instagram Story

Though, Instagram stories get expire after one day usually, this feature lets you get your stories pinned into your profile. The savvy brands make use of highlights for promoting their recent products, updates and sales Buy Instagram Comments.

Check out Who Has Seen Your Instagram Story

After posting your Instagram stories, you can check out the number of people who watched your stories and which user accounts have seen them. For doing this, swipe upward while viewing your own Instagram story, and click on the icon of “seen by” on the bottom left side. You can see the list of people from there who have watched your story.

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