Is a Suzuki Boulevard a good bike?

Besides the overall look of a crossover and an old-school classic, it is also ingeniously designed, which enhances the modern attributes as well. The riding experience on the Suzuki Boulevard S40 is very comfortable. It makes it an ideal bike for everyday use and occasional trips not too far from home.

How many miles will a Suzuki Boulevard last?

With proper care, your c90 should easily get 200k miles and probably 300-350k. Most likely you’ll get bored of your bike and sell it for something newer, or wreck it than have it fail under normal use.

Is Suzuki Boulevard M50 a good bike?

I’m looking at the C90 and the Kawasaki 1600 classic now. Bottom line, the M50 is a great bike with great styling, reliability, low maintenance, and easy operation. I have no real complaints. For the money, I think it is about the best mid-size cruiser available.

How much is a 2012 Suzuki Boulevard C50 worth?


Suggested List Price Average Retail
Base Price $9,499 $4,840
Options (Add)
Total Price $9,499 $4,840

What is the biggest Suzuki Boulevard?

Suzuki Boulevard M109R
The Suzuki Boulevard M109R uses a reduction in the chain drive system for its DOHC valve train. The all-new liquid-cooled M109R engine is Suzuki’s biggest motorcycle engine to date.

What is the difference between Suzuki C50 and M50?

Major Similarities and Differences Both feature an 805cc engine and a relatively light weight (around 650 pounds for the C50, under 600 for the M50). Besides weighing less, the M50 is a slightly more powerful motorcycle with 56 horsepower as opposed to the C50’s 53 and 69 Nm of torque instead of 62.

What is the average life of a motorcycle engine?

However, if taken care of and not abused they can last well over 100,000 miles.

How long will a Suzuki C50 last?

Registered. With proper maintenance and care (such as regular oil changes, proper warm-ups, and so on), the engine should easily run at least 100k. Most likely, if you were to keep the bike for many years and ride it all the time, that the rest of the bike would probably wear out long before the engine would.

Is Suzuki M50 a good beginner bike?

It is my opinion that the M50 is NOT a good first bike. It is balanced very well and rides great but it is heavy. The 500 or 600 cc bikes are better first bikes. After you have done your first year on a smaller bike then move up and have lots of fun.

What’s the difference between Suzuki C50 and M50?

How many horsepower does a Suzuki M109R have?

128 hp
The Boulevard M109R BOSS takes the Boulevard line near the top of the large-displacement cruiser segment. The model features a dual-spark 54-degree V-twin liquid-cooled engine with a displacement of 1,783cc. The twin-engine makes 128 hp and 118 lb-ft of torque.

How much horsepower does a Suzuki Boulevard have?

Suzuki Boulevard M109R

Make Model Suzuki Boulevard, Intruder M109R
Ignition Electronic ignition (Transistorised)
Starting Electric
Max Power 92 kW / 123 hp @ 6200 rpm
Max Torque 160 Nm / 16.3 kgf-m / 118 lb-ft @ 3200 rpm

What makes a Suzuki Boulevard C50T a good motorcycle?

The C50T is a classic cruiser with bold styling that stands out in a crowd and with a long list of features that make it ideal for comfortable long-distance cruising. Its spacious riding position and smooth suspension encourage you to take to the open highway for long-range cruising in maximum comfort.

What kind of paint does a boulevard C50T have?

The 2012 Boulevard C50T ‘Touring’ captivates from the very first glance. With its elegant two tone paint work and glistening chrome it is sure to make an impression among the Sunday group ride.

What’s the price of a Suzuki C50T cruiser?

Despite being a Japanese or “metric cruiser”, the 50 refers to the number of cubic inches in engine capacity, or 805cc for the metric among us. This is the smallest of Suzuki’s Boulevard range at $11,290 which is only $300 more than the C50 for the screen, luggage and backrest. It’s also the cheapest of the midweight metric cruisers.

Which is the cheapest of the Suzuki Boulevard cruisers?

This is the smallest of Suzuki’s Boulevard range at $11,290 which is only $300 more than the C50 for the screen, luggage and backrest. It’s also the cheapest of the midweight metric cruisers.

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