Is enshrouded a word?

enshroud. (tr) to cover or hide with or as if with a shroud: the sky was enshrouded in mist.

What is the opposite of informative?

Opposite of providing useful or interesting information. uninformative. unhelpful. unproductive. vague.

What is an antonym for expository?

Definition: lacking information. Antonyms: uninstructive. Definition: failing to instruct.

What is a synonym and antonym for sanctuary?

Complete Dictionary of Synonyms and Antonyms sanctuary. Antonyms: pitfall, trap, snare, betrayal, violation, extradition. Synonyms: shrine, adytum, asyurn, refuge, security, protection, inviolability.

What do you mean by dusky?

1 : somewhat dark in color specifically : having dark skin. 2 : marked by slight or deficient light : shadowy.

What is the enunciation?

transitive verb. 1a : to make a definite or systematic statement of. b : announce, proclaim enunciated the new policy. 2 : articulate, pronounce enunciate all the syllables.

What can I use instead of very informative?


  • educational,
  • educative,
  • enlightening,
  • illuminating,
  • informational,
  • informatory,
  • instructional,
  • instructive.

What is an informative sentence?

Informative Sentence Examples The educational lecture was informative and worth the trip. It’s really informative and includes lots of basic information about gestational diabetes, including a great sample diet plan, nutrition tips, and even a handy log you can print out and use to help you keep track of your health.

What is an expository text?

Expository texts, or informational texts, are non-fiction texts that give facts and information about a topic. These academic texts are common in subjects such as science, history and social sciences. Expository texts use different text structures and more complex grammar to get information across than narratives.

What’s another word for safe haven?

What is another word for safe haven?

refuge haven
sanctuary asylum
protection hideout
retreat shelter
harbourUK harborUS

What is the antonym of Haven?

What is the opposite of haven?

danger peril
endangerment imperilment
trouble distress

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