Is index in love with Touma?

Index is still the only girl to have confessed her love to Touma, however, Touma avoided answering by changing the subject of the conversation since he had lost his memories, he had no idea about what kind of relationship he used to have with Index.

What is Touma power?

Touma’s ability is Imagine Breaker (“Illusion Killer”), an ability which negates all supernatural powers, including the effects of magical, psychic, and divine powers (which may also include his good luck and God’s blessing according to Index).

What level is kamijou Touma?

Level 0
Due to Touma being a Level 0, he has to take even more make-up lessons than usual as he does not have the required academic achievements. This does not mean that Touma is unintelligent, as in many occasions he has shown quick thinking in combat.

Why is Touma a level 0?

For whatever reason, Toma Kamijo’s Imagine Breaker ability is not considered an esper power, so according to Academy City’s ranking system he’s a level 0 esper with no known abilities. It’s also not seen as a magic ability so he’s not considered to be on the other side of the technology/magic divide.

Is Touma stronger than Misaka?

Alright so misaka has faced of against Touma like one or two times and the results are just, ‘Touma is really strong! Misaka can’t defeat him!

Is Misaka Mikoto dead?

Misaka 9982 dies clutching the gift Mikoto gave to her, she is killed by having a train carriage thrown at her by Accelerator to crush her.

Is Touma strong?

No he’s not the strongest, he’s just the most HAX. His power to cancel every supernatural phenomena first of all A) doesn’t work on everything, those of you watching season 3 will know and B) doesn’t save him from anything else, so a falling plane will kill him very easily as long as he isn’t protected by plot armor.

Can Touma beat Misaka?

Alright so misaka has faced of against Touma like one or two times and the results are just, ‘Touma is really strong!

Does Misaka love Touma?

Itsuwa has been in love with Touma ever since the La Regina del Mare Adriatico Arc.

Is Shokuhou in love with Touma?

She is in love with Touma, calling him both a prince and a hero, and even still keeping with her the whistle that he gave to her. Indeed, despite the fact that Touma will always forget her due to his brain damage, Misaki still hopes that he will remember her eventually.

Is Misaka in love with Touma?

How old is Misaka Mikoto?

Mikoto Misaka
Age 12-13 years old
Height 161 cm
Species Esper
Birthday May 2

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