Is Long Tail Pro worth it?

Is Long Tail Pro worth it?

However, if you’re an experienced SEO, Long Tail Pro is definitely worth adding to your toolset if you don’t have a subscription to a tool like Ahrefs or SEMRush already. It makes it easy to find keywords, analyze the Google search page and get accurate metrics like search volume or keyword competition.

How much does long tail pro cost?

You also need to consider that Long Tail Pro is only a keyword research tool, and not an all-in-one SEO tool, so you may need to pay for additional software depending on your needs. Starting at $37/month, Long Tail Pro isn’t a minor investment.

Is Longtail Pro free?

Long Tail Pro – 7-Day Free Trial You can access Long Tail Pro’s 7-Day Free Trial directly below, all you need to do is click on the link below and follow the instructions. Additionally, we’ve provided a link so that once you’ve finished your free trial, you can get a 30% discount on Long Tail Pro.

Where can I find long-tail keywords for free?

Here are nine tips to get you started.

  1. Use Google Suggest. Google Suggestions are an awesome source of long-tail keyword variations.
  2. Use Google’s Related Searches.
  3. Use More and Different Keyword Research Tools.
  4. Mine Your Analytics.
  5. Mine Your Search Query Reports.
  6. Browse eHow.
  7. Browse Q&A Sites.
  8. Browse Wikipedia.

Are long tail keywords better?

Long tail keywords being comprised of a few words makes them much more specific. This means that both users and site owners generally receive better results. The specificity of long tail keywords also means that there is less competition for each keyword phrase.

What is surfer SEO?

Surfer is a tool designed to help SEO-optimize written content, like blog posts and articles. It works by analyzing the content of a page against “500+ on-page” signals. It also has a built-in keyword research tool. And you can rank too if you copy the on-page SEO approaches that your competitors are already using.

What are long tail keywords examples?

Long-Tail Keyword Examples Examples: “homemade coffee filters”, “Content marketing for SaaS”, “Content marketing strategies for software”. Long-tail keywords aren’t searched much individually, but taken together, they make up the majority of search traffic.

Are long tail keywords more expensive?

Less Competition = Lower Costs Long-tail keywords are valuable for businesses who want their content to rank in organic Google searches, but they’re potentially even more valuable for advertisers running paid search marketing campaigns.

What is the best long tail keyword SEO tool?

Best Tools for Finding Long-Tail Keywords

  • HubSpot Content Strategy Tool.
  • Answer the Public.
  • Semrush.
  • KWFinder.
  • Keyword Tool Dominator.
  • Wordtracker.
  • Ubersuggest.
  • LongTailPro.

What word is searched the most on Google?

Top Searched Keywords: Lists of the Most Popular Google Search Terms across Categories

Most Searched Words on Google
Rank Keyword Search Volume
1 Facebook 2,147,483,647
2 Youtube 1,680,000,000
3 Google 923,000,000

How much does Surfer SEO cost?

Surfer SEO Pricing If you go with monthly billing, you pay $29/month for “Hobby”, $59/month for “Basic”, $99/month for “Pro”, $199/month for “Business”, and $649/month for “Business Plus”. You save about 10% if you go for annual billing.

Is there a trial for long tail PRO 3.0?

There is no doubt that Long Tail Pro 3.0 The World’s Most Complete Keyword Research & Competitor Analysis Software… and you the best part is you can now buy long tail pro on trial for 10 days by spending only $1. Just click here long tail pro 3.0 trial $1. now lets see some awesome features of long tail pro 3.0.

How does long tail Pro Platinum discount work?

With Long Tail Pro Platinum discount, simply utilize the built-in Keyword Competitiveness (KC) metric and automatically calculate a simple 0-100 score using LTP’s proprietary algorithm that is consistently being tested and tweaked.

How long has long tail pro been in business?

It’s another milestone for in the history of LongTailPro, celebrating 10yrs of business. We are very happy to share the joy of us being 10+ years in the business and what a better way than offering our esteemed customers, the much deserved discounts and tons of new features!

How many keywords can I get with long tail pro?

With Long Tail Pro, all it takes is a single seed keyword to get up to 400 long tail keywords within seconds. Need to find keywords that meet your preferences fast? No problem — just create filters based on your average CPC bid, search volume, rank value, and many more.

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