Is Studyladder safe?

Safe Internet usage Studyladder is designed to prevent bullying and does not allow student access to social networking. Your child will NOT be able to chat with anyone via Studyladder. However, we encourage you to supervise your child at all times when using the Internet.

What age is Studyladder for?

Parents need to know that Studyladder is a website offering a wide range of lessons for kids age 4-12.

Is Studyladder Australian?

Studyladder is now used by more than 80,000 teachers in over 93% of Australian Primary Schools. is a curriculum based learning program with over 7,000 learning modules across 10 subjects. covers Mathematics (all strands), English (Reading Development, Spelling, Grammar, Handwriting and Writing) and Science.

How does study ladder work?

Studyladder has a certificate system based on the number of correct answers a child has completed. Each time the student earns a certificate it is emailed to the parent to print and give to their child. Parents are able to go to “Menu > Resources” and set specific work for a child if they need help in a specific area.

How do I cancel Studyladder premium?

If you are unhappy with any aspect of Studyladder or the Terms then your only remedy is to discontinue using any and all aspects of Studyladder. You will also need to notify us by email specifying your details and the email address originally used to create the account. You will then be unsubscribed from Studyladder.

Do you have to pay for Studyladder?

Studyladder is 100% Free for basic accounts (with a limit of 3 activities per day). A Premium Parent Account allows for unlimited access for your whole family at any time and adds additional features, games and resources. How can we help?

Is Studyladder free for teachers?

Teachers can register their students for free class use and limited homework access to Studyladder activities. Here’s how: Set tasks for individual students, groups of students or an entire class.

How much does Studyladder premium cost?

$88 for 12 months Premium Access.

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Is there a free version of studyladder for schools?

The standard version of Studyladder is free for teachers and parents to use. Limited access. For homes, 2-6 students. For schools, 10-1000 students. Unlimited access. For 1 student. Unlimited access. For 2-6 students. This site has lots of resources for teachers to use for free.

How many countries has studyladder been used in?

In 2020, Studyladder is now used by students, parents and teachers in over 120 countries. What Is Studyladder? Studyladder is an education website and Chrome app for students, teachers and parents.

Why is studyladder a good place for kids to study?

Studyladder is a solid place to go when your kids need practice beyond what they’re getting in class. Studyladder supports and encourages kids’ studying in nearly all subjects; kids will want to return for the fun and the learning.

What are the pros and cons of studyladder?

Pros: Teacher-created content is standards-aligned, easily accessible, and free for teachers and their students. Cons: Material isn’t always very engaging; the avatars and reward system may be distracting. Bottom Line: Though the format is often formulaic, there is so much here for both kids and teachers that it’s worth a serious look.

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