Is there an alternate ending to the movie 1408?

Is there an alternate ending to the movie 1408?

Endings. There are three endings to this film. In addition to the ending that appears in the theatrical release (also the default ending of the DVD), two other alternate endings were shot.

What did the end of 1408 mean?

In the entire film, the details of Mike’s daughter’s death was not revealed. During the climax, the viewers saw how Mike met his daughter in room 1408 and after a heartfelt conversation with him, she died in his arms. In a fraction of a few seconds, Katie turned into ashes.

Why is 1408 an evil room?

In the introduction to the titular story, author Stephen King says that “1408” is his version of what he calls the “Ghostly Room at the Inn”, this term for the theme of haunted hotel rooms or haunted motel rooms within horror fiction.

Is room 1408 based on Cecil hotel?

More videos on YouTube Now we’re going to examine the common activities and shared horrors between the Hotel Cecil and King’s picture, 1408. Now according to King, his story is based on inspiration conjured up by the Hotel Del Coronado in Coronado, California.

Is there a real room 1408?

The 1408 room was created as a set, and was not a real hotel room, allowing for more ease of access when filming.

What hotel is the shining based on?

The Stanley Hotel
The exterior of Timberline Lodge in Oregon features in Stanley’s Kubrick’s film (interior scenes were shot at Elstree Studios in Hertfordshire), while The Stanley Hotel in the Colorado Rockies (pictured) was the inspiration for Stephen King’s novel, on which the film is based.

Was 1408 a hallucination?

Room 1408 is definitely real It’s real. Of course, with any horror film, it could be chalked up to the protagonist’s imagination or some hallucination, but like with all of King’s works, the story of “1408” is based in a world where dark and supernatural places do exist, and this hotel room is just one of them.

Can you stay in room 1408?

Chacon’s experiences weren’t quite as terrifying as what poor Mike Enslin endures in 1408, but they’re still pretty creepy and – unlike the titular room in Stephen King’s story – guests can stay in the haunted rooms at Hotel del Coronado … if they dare.

Is there a real Dolphin hotel?

The Hotel Dolphin is a luxurious hotel located on 61st street in New York City. It has earned itself a rather bleak reputation over the past several decades, owing largely to rumors of Room 1408 being haunted….

Hotel Dolphin
Continent: North America
Country: United States of America
State: New York
City: New York City

Is 1408 connected to The Shining?

No, it’s not “The Shining.” The film in question is “1408,” so named because the room in which the aforementioned writer stays is No. 1408. When he gets an anonymous postcard featuring New York’s Dolphin Hotel and telling him to avoid Room 1408, naturally he decides he must hit the Big Apple and stay in that room.

What Hotel is the shining based on?

Is there a room 237 at The Stanley Hotel?

Early in the novel, the same room is referenced – the clairvoyant son, Danny, is told to avoid room 217 – but in Stanley Kubrick’s 1980 adaptation the haunted room has been changed to 237 because owners of the Timberline Lodge, which served as a site for exterior shots, were afraid they would lose customers.

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