Is Wilson Pro Staff A good racquet?

Is Wilson Pro Staff A good racquet?

The Pro Staff is an Excellent Racquet for Control When compared with some of the other best tennis racquets for advanced players, the Pro Staff has fantastic control. The racquet’s narrow frame and smaller head size allow you to move the ball around the court with precision.

Is Wilson Pro Staff good for spin?

Spin friendly and easy to use for a Pro Staff racquet.” Julie – “I love the Pro Staff 97 v13’s comfortable feel, stability and plow through and of course, its pinpoint precision.”

Is Wilson Pro Staff good for beginners?

Wilson Pro Staff Team Wilson’s Pro Staff line of racquets are some of the most highly reviewed racquets in the industry. With a slightly higher price tag, this racquet is for beginners and intermediate players who are looking to get serious about improving their tennis game.

Is Pro Staff a good racket?

Karly really liked the Pro Staff 97’s maneuverability and comfortable feel. She said, “I could get the Pro Staff 97 into position quickly and take a good swing, so taking a big crack at the ball was easy to do. The response felt lively, yet dampened, so my shots jumped off the strings and felt comfortable on contact.

Is Wilson Pro Staff 97 too heavy?

The legendary Wilson Pro Staff RF 97 Autograph is unmistakable for its association with the likes of Pete Sampras and Roger Federer and is one of the most recognizable rackets on the planet. It is not a racket that is going to suit everyone, so the vast majority of people should count it out due to the heavy weight.

How heavy is the Wilson Pro Staff 97?

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String Pattern 16×19 16×19
Unstrung Balance 31.2cm/10 Pts HL 30.5CM/12 Pts HL
Unstrung Weight 314 g 340.19 g
Length 27 in – 68 cm 27 in – 68.6 cm
Benefit Precision Precision

Is Wilson Blade a good racket?

The Blade has always had a pretty good feel overall, and this just adds to it. There are a number of different Wilson Blades to choose from, but the 98 square inch head size is the same model that a lot of pro players use.

Which Wilson clash is best for beginners?

The Wilson Clash 108 is a Great Beginner Racquet The Clash 108 is the beginner tennis racquet in the Wilson Clash series.

Which is the best pro staff?


  • PRO STAFF RF97 AUTOGRAPH. The Pro Staff RF97 Autograph is Roger Federer’s signature playing model, and certainly the most difficult racket to play with in the line.
  • PRO STAFF 97. Think of the Pro Staff 97 as a much more modern, manageable player’s frame.
  • PRO STAFF 97L.
  • PRO STAFF 26.

Do any pros use RF97?

There is your answer as to why other pros don’t use the RF97. The answer is most likely that Wilson has 100% of the marketing effort they need with only Federer endorsing it.

What is the best pro staff racquet?

#1 – Babolat Pure Drive.

  • #2 – Head Graphene 360+ Speed Pro.
  • #3 – Wilson Blade 98 v7.
  • #4 – Yonex VCore Pro 97.
  • #5 – Babolat Pure Aero Plus.
  • #6 – Wilson Pro Staff 97 v13.
  • Conclusion: Our Pick for Best Advanced Tennis Racquet.
  • Do any pros use Wilson Burn?

    As you can see, Wilson Blade 98 is the most popular tennis racquet among ATP Players right now….What Tennis Racquets ATP Pros Use.

    Tennis Racquet Top 100 Players Using The Racquet
    Head Graphene 360 Extreme MP 3 Players
    Wilson Blade 98 v7 3 Players
    Wilson Burn 100/S 3 Players

    What’s the name of the new Wilson Pro Staff?

    The all-new Pro Staff v13 line brings together modern technology with a heritage-inspired design paying homage to the original 1983 Pro Staff. For v13, our R&D team arranged the racket’s famous double braid at all-new 45-degree angles.

    When did the Wilson Pro Staff V13 come out?

    Fun Fact: The red-and-yellow pinstripes found on the Pro Staff Original that inspired v13’s design was sold in our catalog from 1983 up until 2004. There have been limited edition racket releases that featured the pinstripes over the years, but v13 is the first time the pinstripes have again been used on the in-line Pro Staff franchise models.

    What kind of material is the Wilson Pro Staff made of?

    The original description of this braid, that first appeared in a 1985 Wilson catalog, still holds true: The core of the Pro Staff is a braid of Kevlar® and graphite. This construction blends the extraordinary strength of graphite with the durability of Kevlar®, a space-age material.

    What was the first Pro Staff ever made?

    Because Pro Staff players largely preferred the double braid of the original Pro Staff, the Hyper Pro Staff 6.1 was designed to be the first Pro Staff to use both the double braid AND Hyper Carbon technology.

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