Do you remember your parents telling you to read newspapers daily? I used to hate reading some overrated news that I don’t need to know. It was like a pump and show. There would be ads on the front page of the newspapers, the logic of which I never understood. How can you prioritize ads before news! Gone are those days when we used to read news according to the print media. Now we will read what we want to read. Much to our relief, now there are many apps which facilitate us in doing so. We have made a research for the top 5 news apps in 2017.Hope to you find them useful.



Previously known a Newshunt, it caters to a wide array of users.  It provides news in English, Hindi and other major regional languages. It is an excellent news app. You can read the news in 14 languages. It has over 90 million downloads making it one of the most popular news feed app. It is available on all platforms, Android, iOS and windows. Who uses windows phone though! Just joking.


BBC doesn’t need an introduction, as it is the oldest news company. This app provides you with the latest happenings around the globe. The BBC news app is easy to use and is fast. The app suggests you topics based on your recent views. You get access to the full range of audio, video and images. It gives different viewing modes according to the article such as compact mode. It is one of the world’s biggest news organization and broadcasting the news and current affairs. It has several categories such as most viewed image, most watched video and clips, most popular news, and individual topics. All in all, it covers news from all genres from all parts of the world.

3.  AWESUMMLY : Fastest short news app

Awesummly is one of the emerging short news app. It is growing fast, with mostly positive reviews. The most eye-catchy feature of the app is that it is a complete ads free app. You can customize it according to your needs since it uses AI and machine learning to enhance the user experience. It presents the news from various RSS feed in a brief and compact manner. It has a ton of features that separate it from the crowd such as audio news, night mode, driving mode and much more. The only disadvantage that it has is that its available only on android and chrome, and provides news only in English and Hindi.


If you are a tech savvy guy, then you’ll become a fan of this app. Appy geek updates you to the latest tech happenings be it the launch of a new smartphone, big tech events such as CES, WWDC, I/O and much more. The most differentiating thing about this app that it has one of the best UI design. You have a wide array of topics which you can choose from. It collects the news from major tech news portals. You can even follow a person if you like his/her articles. It gives you daily news digest from the topics you had chosen. All the articles are in the app and you are not redirected to elsewhere. It has over 1 million downloads with a rating of 4.6 on playstore.


One of the trending news apps on the playstore. It gives local news in 15 different languages. It feeds you with news from various genres such as Bollywood, cricket, etc. You can comment & give your opinion on trending events, memes and popular videos. It has the option for video playback. It packs one of the stylish UI for better user experience. It has over 50 million downloads with a rating of 4.1 on playstore. It is a must have app if you want to stay updated.

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