What are some Cajun first names?

The Most Cajun First Names In Acadiana

  • Vionette.
  • Oleus.
  • Cadianne (Cay-d-Anne)
  • Lovonia.
  • Azelina.
  • Placide.
  • Alcibeaud.
  • Zula Mae.

What are some girl names from the 1700s?

1700s Girl Names

  • Ada (German origin), the name means “nobility”.
  • Agnes (Greek origin), the name means “pure” or “holy”.
  • Alice (French origin), the name means “noble”.
  • Amy (French origin), the name means “friend”.
  • Ann (Latin origin), the name means “the favored one”.
  • Barbara (Greek origin), the name means “strange”.

What are some Cajun names?

Cajun Girl Names

  • Acadia – Taken from the name for Cajuns, or Acadians who migrated from Canada.
  • Adelaide – Comes from the German name Adalheidis and means “nobility” in French.
  • Antoinette – For the wife of King Louis XVI during the French Revolution, and means “priceless one”
  • Aurelie – means “Golden ” in French.

What is the most popular girl name in Louisiana?

The Most Popular Baby Names in Louisiana

Rank Boys Girls
1 Noah Ava
2 Mason Emma
3 Liam Olivia
4 Elijah Isabella

What is the most Cajun name?

There are 20,057 registered Heberts in Louisiana. The second most Cajun name is Landry with 18,878….State’s most common Cajun last names

  • Hebert – 20,057.
  • Landry – 18,878.
  • Broussard – 17,381.
  • LeBlanc – 16,579.
  • Guidry – 14,726.
  • Fontenot – 13,865.
  • Richard – 12,746.
  • Boudreaux – 12,693.

Is Jovi a Cajun name?

Is Jovi a Cajun name? Jovi’s language of origin is Latin. Jovi is a contracted form of the Portuguese and Spanish Jovita.

What were popular girl names in the 1600s?

Can you name the Most Popular Girl Names of the Early 1600s

Hint Answer % Correct
1. Elizabeth 97.1%
2 Mary 96.7%
81. Ann 96%
3 Anne 92.1%

What are names from the 1700s?

The Top 50 Names in England and Wales in 1700

1 John Mary
2 William Elizabeth
3 Thomas Ann
4 Richard Sarah
5 James Jane

What is a common Cajun last name?

As far as last names overall in Louisiana, Smith, followed by Williams, Johnson, Jones and Brown are the five most common. It’s not until number nine on the list that a Cajun last name shows up. According to forebears.com, Hebert is the most common Cajun last name in Louisiana.

What are some Southern girl names?

Southern Baby Girl Names

  • Addison.
  • Abilene.
  • Anna May.
  • Ada.
  • Anabella.
  • Birdie.
  • Barbara.
  • Blaire.

What are some Cajun last names?

There are 20,057 registered Heberts in Louisiana….You can view the entire top 100 most common last names in Louisiana over at forbears.com.

  1. Hebert – 20,057.
  2. Landry – 18,878.
  3. Broussard – 17,381.
  4. LeBlanc – 16,579.
  5. Guidry – 14,726.
  6. Fontenot – 13,865.
  7. Richard – 12,746.
  8. Boudreaux – 12,693.

What is the name Jovi short for?

In Latin Baby Names the meaning of the name Jovi is: Form of Jovan ‘Father of the sky.

Is AJ Boy or girls name?

The first thing you should know if you are considering AJ for your baby’s name is that in most countries all over the world the name AJ is a boy name. The name AJ is of American origin, and is used mostly in English speaking countries but also in a few other countries and languages of the world.

Is Jo boys name or girls name?

The name Jo is a girl’s name. Still evokes the spunky image of the character in Louisa May Alcott’s Little Women. Want to keep track of your favorite names? Create an account and you can create lists, keep track of favorites, and even be alerted when there is new content posted about a name.

Is Juan a boy name or a girl name?

The name Juan is a boy’s name of Spanish origin meaning “the Lord is gracious”. Juan, the Spanish version of John, is ubiquitous in the Spanish-speaking world, and is familiar to all ethnicities via such references as Don Juan and San Juan.

Can JJ be a girl name?

The name Jj is of not available origin. The meaning of Jj is “not available”. Jj is generally used as a girl’s name.

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