What are some embarrassing questions?

What are some embarrassing questions?

Awkward Questions to Ask any GuyWhen was the last time you cried?Guess how many guys I’ve slept with?Have you ever seen your mom/sister/grandma naked?Are you sure you’re not gay?Do you like having a beer belly?How long does it take you to get ready for a date?How many girls’ numbers are in your phone?

What are good dirty dares for guys texting?

Great Dares Over TextSend me the dirtiest text message you can think of.Video call me and belly dance for me.Text someone random a terrible joke.Send me the last YouTube video you watched.Call me for 15 minutes and talk without stopping.Tell me a fantasy you have never told anyone.

What are some dares for texting?

50 Dares for Truth or Dare Over TextMake up a song and voice record yourself singing it. Video yourself eating a tablespoon of butter and send it to me.Lick your own armpit. Prank call someone and try to talk for 15 minutes straight. Eat a spoonful of any condiment of my choosing.

What is a dare question in text?

Truth or Dare Questions To Play Over TextWhat is the most embarrassing thing you’ve ever done? What is the most childish thing you’ve done over the age of 13?Who are you crushing on right now?How many people have you kissed or slept with?Tell me a time you were rejected, and describe it in detail for at least five minutes!

What is the dare for crush?

Answer of whatsapp dare games for Crush or Couples :A Long Kiss Or Smooch.Ask Me Out Togethr.Ice Cream Treat.Delete My Number.What’S Your Deepest Secret? 🙊Send Ur Cutest Pic.Write My Name On Your Hand And Send Me Photo Of It.Give Me A Treat🍨

What truths should I ask my crush?

30 Questions To Ask Your Crush During A Game Of Truth Or Dare, Because It’s Really Truth Or TruthHow far back into my Instagram have you crept? What was the worst kiss you’ve ever had? Are you afraid of becoming your parents? Have you ever ghosted anyone? What’s something you can’t let your parents find out about you?

What are some good dares?

Good Dares for GirlsLet one of the guys in the group put lipstick on your lips and leave it for the rest of the game. Throw an ice cube under your shirt and hold still for 30 seconds. Show everyone your unshaved legs. Fill up your mouth with water and sing a song until someone from the group guesses the song.

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