What are the best throwing stars in MapleStory?

MapleStory Throwing Stars

  • 10 – Wolbi : ATK 17, Max per slot: 500.
  • 10 – Wooden Top : ATK 19, Max per slot: 800.
  • 50 – Crystal Ilbi (GMS) : ATK 29, Max per slot: 800.
  • 70 – Balanced Fury (GMS) : ATK 30, Max per slot: 800.
  • 70 – Hwabi : ATK 27, Max per slot: 1,000.
  • 130 – Flame Throwing Stars : ATK 29, Max per slot: 1,500.

Where do I get crystal ILBI throwing stars?

Go to Omega Sector and talk to Spindle. Choose “John Barricade gave me a manual and said you could build this for me.” Select “Create Crystal Ilbi Throwing Stars.” Spindle will take the required items and give you Crystal Ilbi Throwing Stars.

How do you recharge stars in MapleStory?

go to merchant that sells potions, and go to “SELL your item” menu, point to the star, and there will be a “charge” icon on the top left corner.

Where can I buy good throwing stars MapleStory?


  • Many potion shops sell Subi Throwing Stars, and you can get the better stars by hunting or buying them from other players.
  • You can bye then at nearly all potion shops.
  • Subis-15att-potion stores.

How do you get a balanced fury?

The Balanced Fury is a level 70 throwing item available for the Thief class in “MapleStory.” The only way you can obtain this rare weapon is by forging it in the Dead Man’s Gorge using the NPC Fiona’s abilities. Fiona will refuse to forge any weapons for you until you have completed all three of Taggrin’s quests.

Who drops ILBI?

Ilbi Throwing-Stars
Attack Boost 27
Max per slot 800
Dropped by *Mushmom Zombie Mushmom Dual Birk [*]Dual Birk [*]Spirit Viking Lycanthrope Kacchuu Musha
Bought from *Luna (3,000,000 mesos, Reboot Server only) Sly (3,000,000 mesos, Reboot Server only)

How do you get flame throwing stars?

Flame Throwing Star Recipe

  1. Magic Powder (Black) x 20.
  2. Lidium x 10.
  3. Wisdom Crystal x 10.
  4. LUK Crystal x 10.
  5. Juniper Berry Flower Oil x 10.
  6. Hyssop Flower Oil x 10.

How do you get crystal ILBI Mapleroyals?

crystal shard and naricain jewel can be only obtain from gachapon. There’s no other easy way to obtain it if you are thinking to grind and farm to make one.

Where are Drakes MapleStory?

Common Location: Drake Cave: Sunless Area. Drake Cave: Cave Cliff.

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