What are the branches of biology and their definitions?

What are the branches of biology and their definitions?

Biology is a branch of science that deals with living organisms and their vital processes. Biology encompasses diverse fields, including botany, conservation, ecology, evolution, genetics, marine biology, medicine, microbiology, molecular biology, physiology, and zoology.

What are main branches of biology?

Here are the major 25 branches of biology:

  • Anatomy.
  • Botany.
  • Taxonomy.
  • Zoology.
  • Microbiology.
  • Mycology.
  • Phycology.
  • Parasitology.

Who is called Father of biology?

Therefore, Aristotle is called the Father of biology. He was a great Greek philosopher and polymath. His theory of biology also known as the “Aristotle’s biology” describes five major biological processes, namely, metabolism, temperature regulation, inheritance, information processing and embryogenesis.

What are the 2 main branches of biology?

There are three major branches of biology – botany, zoology and microbiology. Botany is the branch of biology which deals with the study of different aspects of plants. Theophrastus is known as the father of Botany. Zoology is the branch of biology connected with the study of different aspects of animals.

What are the 10 branches of biology?

Human biology’s main branches are philosopy of human biology, anatomy (study of the structure of the human body), biochemistry (study of form and function at the chemical levels), cell biology or cytology (study of cells) and molecular biology (study of molecules), developmental biology (study of the processes by which humans grow and develop),…

What are some branches of science related to biology?


  • Botany
  • Biochemistry
  • Microbiology
  • Biotechnology
  • Forestry
  • Medicine
  • Pharmacy
  • Nursing
  • Dentistry
  • What are the main branches of biology and their definition?

    The study of life and living things is called biology. Scientists who study biology are known as biologists. The main branches of biology are zoology (the study of animals), botany (the study of plants), and MICROBIOLOGY (the study of tiny organisms).

    What are the names of the four branches of Science?

    Mathematics and Logic. This branch specializes in abstract concepts.

  • Biological Science. Basically the study of living things.
  • Social Science deals with society and man’s relationship to society.
  • Physical Science. Physical Science specializes in the study of inanimate natural objects.
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