What do you mean by analyzing?

to examine critically, so as to bring out the essential elements or give the essence of: to analyze a poem. to examine carefully and in detail so as to identify causes, key factors, possible results, etc.

What is the definition of applying?

(tr) to put to practical use; utilize; employ. (intr) to be relevant, useful, or appropriate. (tr) to cause to come into contact with; put onto. (intr often foll by for) to put in an application or request. (tr often foll by to) to devote (oneself, one’s efforts) with diligence.

What does structure mean?

A structure is something of many parts that is put together. A structure can be a skyscraper, an outhouse, your body, or a sentence. Structure is from the Latin word structura which means “a fitting together, building.” Although it’s certainly used to describe buildings, it can do more than that.

What is a structure give an example?

Structure is a group of variables of different data types represented by a single name. Lets take an example to understand the need of a structure in C programming. Lets say we need to store the data of students like student name, age, address, id etc. We can solve this problem easily by using structure.

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