What do you need to know about Umarex USA?

One of the things we do really, really well here at Umarex is crafting replicas of many manufacturers’ popular models. This is done with licensing agreements that allow us to make BB and airsoft repli… Umarex USA is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of airguns, pistols, rifles, and more.

Who is the parent company of Umarex USA?

Later named Umarex USA and combined with the world class products from German based Umarex, the parent company of Walther Firearms, Umarex USA has quickly become one of the premier providers of airguns and airgun accessories to North America.

What kind of gun is the Umarex 850 m2?

The .177 caliber Umarex 850 M2 is the perfect combination of accuracy, performance, and convenience. An 8-shot tack-driving, trigger-time German-made machine. Full auto Legends M1A1 style .177 blowback action BB Gun carbine.

Is the Umarex pellet pistol a good gun?

The pellet pistols offerd by Umarex Airguns vary in terms of replica shapes of popular firearms. For good firepower and performance abilities without shooting something big and bulky, a pellet pistol may be a good choice.

Where can I buy a Umarex air rifle?

Finding the right airgun usually means finding a manufacturer with a long history of excellence in performance and power. With Umarex air rifles, you get a powerful creation with a focus on fun and function.

Is the Umarex CO2 replica a good gun?

Until you have used one of the Umarex CO2 replicas, you don??t know how much fun a BB gun can be! Umarex is also well known for its high quality replicas of modern firearms, particularly pistols.

What kind of break barrel does Umarex make?

Umarex makes a number of high-performance affordable break barrels such as the Umarex Octane, Fuel, and Surge. Affordable, powerful, and accurate, they are very popular with hunters and plinkers.


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