What does AFC live do?

With an AFC Live, the Fuel Rate knob allows you to control the speed at which you reach your maximum fuel setting. If you have too light of a spring, it will compress too fast and the Fuel Rate knob will not function.

How much power does AFC Live add?

With AFC LIVE, we were able to push the truck a little higher than stock. We got max power with AFC LIVE up to 337hp (almost exactly double), and torque reached 932lbs! You also may have noticed that the AFC LIVE was a lot faster than the first run. Both took the dyno drum from 1,300 to 2,400rpm.

What is an AFC on a Cummins?

AFC Air Fuel Control: used on 94 – 98 diesels to control fuel rate at low boost. APPS Accelerator Pedal Position Sensor: used on ISB diesel for electronic throttle control.

Is AFC live worth?

AFC Live is a nice piece, and can save you some time tuning. But, if your budget is tight, it’s not really needed for most builds. One simple/cheap mod that has a similar effect, is to just add a boost elbow or boost control valve in place of the original air fitting on the AFC.

What is AFC tuning?

In radio equipment, Automatic Frequency Control (AFC), also called Automatic Fine Tuning (AFT), is a method or circuit to automatically keep a resonant circuit tuned to the frequency of an incoming radio signal. It is primarily used in radio receivers to keep the receiver tuned to the frequency of the desired station.

How do I get rid of AFC housing?

Remove AFC cover by removing (3) flat-standard screws and grinding a slot in (1) tamper- proof screw and then removing screw. Also grind a slot in the tamper-proof screw on the small pre-boost fuel cover and remove the cover. A sharp chisel can also be used to make a slot.

How do I identify my Bosch injection pump?

The Bosch part number will be located on the component either on a parts ID tag riveted to the housing, on a parts sticker or printed onto the plastic moulding of the component.

Why does a receiver need AFC?

In radio communication, AFC is needed because, after the bandpass frequency of a receiver is tuned to the frequency of a transmitter, the two frequencies may drift apart, interrupting the reception. AFC was mainly used in radios and television sets around the mid-20th century.

What does FM AFC mean?

Automatic frequency control
Automatic frequency control (AFC) is employed in radio and television receivers, FM transmitters, radar systems, satellite transceivers, and frequency synthesizers to maintain frequency stability.

Which way do you turn the star wheel on a 12v Cummins?

Registered. top of the star wheel goes toward the engine, so counter clockwise if your standing in front of the truck.

What do you need to know about AFC live?

AFC LIVE performs max fueling adjustment, fuel rate, and instant full power mode. This feature allows maximum fueling at the flip of a switch! Go to full race mode to show your buddies who is boss and flip right back to your pre-determined settings.

Can you adjust fueling rate with AFC live?

Not only does AFC LIVE offer incredibly fine adjustments to max fueling, it also is the only kit with in-cab adjustment to the rate at which the fuel is applied. Before AFC LIVE, the only way to adjust the fueling rate on a P-Pump truck was to adjust the star wheel in the AFC.

How does AFC live work in a diesel truck?

AFC LIVE! (patent pending) is an In-cab fueling control for mechanical trucks with an infinite level of adjustability! Allows for 21 mm of Rack Travel in Pump. Power Driven Diesel now offers a custom AFC Foot for our AFC Live. Previously, you (the customer) would have to grind your own AFC Foot for the correct installation/use of AFC Live.

Are there other tuner kits like AFC live?

There are other kits available that offer max fueling in-cab adjustments, but not with the level of adjust-ability our kit offers. Not only does our AFC LIVE offer finer adjustments to max fueling, it also is the only kit that offers in-cab adjustment to the rate at which the fuel is applied.

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