What does ASC mean on a Jaguar?

Automatic Stability Control light
This is the Automatic Stability Control light.

Why are Jaguar XK8 so cheap?

“The biggest reason they’re so cheap is things break on old Jags… expensive things. A lot of pricy-to-fix, computer-heavy luxury cars from that period are on the low end of the price spectrum these days.” Even the best examples cost about 75-percent less than they did when new, proving there’s value in a good nap.

Is the Jaguar XK8 reliable?

Stylish and reliable When the XK8 design was first introduced, Jaguar had a winner. It’s a beautiful cruiser. After 24 years of ownership, it proved to be the most reliable, worry-free vehicle that I ever owned.

Is the Jaguar XK8 a future classic?

As a future classic, the XK8 is already on the up. A couple of years ago, you could pick up a scruffy one for a couple of grand. Today, those cars don’t exist – most have thrown up one expensive bill too many and have been broken apart to keep others on the road.

Why is my ASC light on?

Stability Control You know when the traction control is kicking in because the little ASC light will blink on the instrument panel. A flashing ASC light indicates an unsafe amount of wheel slip, which means you should slow down. The ASC Service Required light could mean that one of the ABS wheel speed sensors is bad.

What does ASC off mean in my car?

Using the “ASC OFF” switch turns off both the stability control function and the traction control function. To turn the system off again, return the ignition switch to the “ACC” or “LOCK” position, restart the engine and press the “ASC OFF” switch.

Who owns Jaguar now?

Tata Motors
TML Holdings Pte. Ltd.
Jaguar Land Rover/Parent organizations

Jaguar is a British luxury vehicle company owned by Tata Motors, one of the largest automotive manufacturers in the world. Learn more about the origin of the iconic Jaguar brand and who makes Jaguar cars today at Jaguar North Scottsdale near Scottsdale.

Will Jaguar XK become a classic?

It is an experience only certain cars can achieve and the XK8 does this to the highest order. So over time the XK8 is bound to become a classic as the availability of this beautiful automobile depletes, and the unique design is further regarded as what helped shape Jaguar as a superior, influential car manufacturer.

What are the most common problems with a used Jaguar XK Coupe?

The electrics can go haywire, and batteries can flatten for no obvious reason. Other issues include the engine management light coming on, and the car’s keyless entry and ignition system playing up. The fabric roof has also been known to freeze.

Is it safe to drive with ASC light on?

It is important to drive moderately if the ASC light stays on. When the ASC light is on, stability control is disabled, affecting handling and overall driving performance. ASC Service Required light comes on. When driving in unsafe conditions, the ASC light does not blink.

What is ASC button in my car for?

An acronym for “Active Sound Control,” Lexus’s ASC feature lets you tune the engine noise of the RC 200t, RC 300 and RC 350. Cranking Active Sound Control all the way up noticeably enhances the volume inside the RC 200t when ASC is active in Normal and Sport modes.

When should ASC be turned off?

For safety reasons, the “ASC OFF” switch should be operated when your vehicle is stopped. Be sure to keep the ASC on while driving in normal circumstances. NOTE: When moving out of mud, sand or fresh snow, pressing the accelerator pedal may not allow the engine speed to increase.

What are the problems with a 1999 Jaguar XK8?


Why does my Jaguar XK8 stick on the accelerator?

Jaguar assembled the accelerator pedal arms on some of its XK8 cars improperly, which reduced the space between the brake pedal and the accelerator. The lack of space can cause a collision because a driver might step on both pedals at the same time unknowingly. The improper spacing can also cause the pedal to stick on the pedal stop.

When did the Jaguar XK8 convertible top come out?

Owners of cars that Jaguar manufactured in model years 1997 through 2006 have reported the problem in cars with about 35,000 to 123,000 miles. Flushing the old fluid and substituting new fluid solves the convertible top problem.

What happens if upper chain tensioner on Jaguar XK8 fails?

If the upper chain tensioners fail, the pistons can contact the valves and cause serious engine damage. The lower tensioners can also break, though their breakage does not damage the engine.

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