What does it mean if something is derogatory?

The term “derogatory” means the information is negative and will likely hurt your ability to qualify for credit or other services.

What are two synonyms for derogatory?

Synonyms & Antonyms of derogatory

  • belittling,
  • contemptuous,
  • decrying,
  • degrading,
  • demeaning,
  • denigrative,
  • denigratory,
  • deprecatory,

What does crocodile mean in British slang?

2 chiefly British : a line of people (such as schoolchildren) usually walking in pairs.

What is an example of a pejorative term?

pejorative \pih-JOR-uh-tiv\ adjective. : having negative connotations; especially : tending to disparage or belittle : depreciatory. Examples. The captain has come under fire for making pejorative remarks about teammates.

Can a derogatory mark be removed?

If the derogatory mark is in error, you can file a dispute with the credit bureaus to get negative information removed from your credit reports. They stay on your credit report for about two years but stop affecting your score sooner than that.) The good news is you can start working to restore your credit right away.

What’s worse delinquent or derogatory?

“Derogatory” is the term used to describe negative information that is more than 180 days late. Accounts that are less than 180 days late are referred to as “delinquent.” Settling a debt and not paying it in full as originally agreed is a serious negative issue and would therefore be described as derogatory as well.

What is the definition of derogatory remarks?

1 : expressive of a low opinion : disparaging derogatory remarks a derogatory term. 2 : detracting from the character or standing of something —often used with to, towards, or of …

What is meant by slanderous?

What Is Slander? Also known as oral or spoken defamation, slander is the legal term for the act of harming a person’s reputation by telling one or more other people something that is untrue and damaging about that person. Slander can be the basis for a lawsuit and is considered a civil wrong (i.e., a tort).

What do crocodile tears mean?

insincere remorse
To shed crocodile tears, is to show insincere remorse. This expression comes from the fact that crocodiles actually cry when they consume their victims.

What is waffle slang?

Waffle is language without meaning; blathering, babbling, droning. One might waffle throughout an essay or a presentation, when not having enough material, or needing to fill in time. To waffle, particularly in the U.S., can also denote indecision about particular subjects, or changing one’s mind frequently on a topic.

What is a derogatory epithet?

same meaning. In a deflationary perspective, derogatory epithets are pro- hibited words not in virtue of any content they express or communicate, but. rather because of edicts surrounding their prohibition – issued by relevant. entities (targeted members, groups, or institutions).3 Deflationists like Ander-

What does Karen mean slang?

Karen is a pejorative term for a white woman seeming to be entitled or demanding beyond the scope of what is normal. The term also refers to memes depicting white women who use their privilege to demand their own way.

What does derogatory means on your credit report?

Derogatory marks are negative, long-lasting indications on your credit reports that generally mean you didn’t pay back a loan as agreed. For example, a late payment or bankruptcy appears on your reports as a derogatory mark.

What does derogatory means?

The term “derogatory” means the information is negative and will likely hurt your ability to qualify for credit or other services. A derogatory account is one that is seriously past due. Most commonly, the term derogatory refers to accounts that are 60 or 90 days past due or more.

What is a derogatory sentence?

use Derogatory in a sentence. [adjective] expressive of low opinion; wanting to lessen the reputation of a person or thing; He has a very coarse sense of humor, which many people find derogatory. I once wrote an article questioning the derogatory use of the term ” cafeteria Catholics”.

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