What does Shawol mean in Korean?

Noun. Shawol (plural Shawols) (slang) A fan of the South Korean boy band SHINee.

What are 2AM fans called?

2AM – I Am 2AM’s fanclub is named “I am” because 2AM + 2PM = One Day.

Why are SUJU fans called ELF?

Their fandom name is E.L.F, which stands for Ever Lasting Friends.

What is Ikon fandom name?

We are called “iKONICS” many people did not like the fandom name we got at first. It’s simple, just like their name.

Why are they called SHINee?

The group’s Korean name, Shinee, is a new coined word and is explained as a combination of shine, meaning light, and the suffix ee, therefore meaning “one who receives the light”.

What is Superm fandom name?

Spermies as superm official fandom name.

Which fandom is elf?

On July 2, 2006, E.L.F. was announced as the name of Super Junior’s fan club. Super Junior decided on the name ELF (Everlasting Friends) as the name for the group’s fans around the world. The name ELF, itself, came from Super Junior’s leader, Leeteuk. The word ELF has a meaning related to fairies.

What are Korean fans called?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. A sasaeng, or sasaeng fan (Korean: 사생팬; Hanja: 私生팬), is an obsessive fan who stalks or engages in other behaviour constituting an invasion of the privacy of celebrities, specifically Korean idols, drama actors or other public figures.

What is TXT fandom name?

On April 25, it was announced that the group’s fan club would be called “YOUNG ONE.” However, on May 6, Big Hit announced they would be revising the name due to similarities to Tiffany’s fandom name “Young Ones.” On August 22, it was announced that the group’s new fan club name would be “MOA.” The name is an acronym …

What is Blackpink’s fandom name?

What are their fans called? Blackpink fans are affectionately known as Blinks, a term confirmed by member Jennie in a birthday message where she thanked fans for their constant love and support.

Did SHINee disband 2020?

2020–present: Don’t Call Me and Superstar Key finished his service on September 24. Minho completed his service on November 15. On January 6, 2021, SM Entertainment announced Shinee would return with a new album after two and a half years.

Is SHINee 2nd gen?

This survey included the following artists: The Second generation – TVXQ (@TVXQ), Super Junior (@SJofficial), Girls’ Generation (@GirlsGeneration), SHINee (@SHINee), 2PM (@follow_2PM) etc. Since most of the first generation groups, like HOT, Sechs Kies, SES, and Fin.

What does shawol stand for in Shinee World?

SHAWOL is an abbreviation of ‘SHINee World’ which, when read as a Shiny World can be interpreted as a shining world. For SHINee, fans are their world so if there is no SHAWOL then SHINee will no longer exist either.

What does shawol stand for in Korean dictionary?

Shawol is referred to the fans of the boy-band, SHINee. The “sha” part stands for “SHINee” The fans of SHINee, abbreviation for SHINee World, their first album. The Sha stands for the first letter of SHINee in Korean while the Wol stands for the first letter of World in Korean as well.

What does the Sha stand for in shawol?

The “sha” part stands for “SHINee”. The “wol” part stands for “world”. So in essence, Shawol = SHINee World. And it describes a fan of SHINee.

Where did the name Elf from Super Junior come from?

The name ELF, itself, came from Super Junior’s leader, Leeteuk. The word ELF has a meaning related to fairies. Because of this, Super Junior fans have the special nickname fairy. At each Super Junior concert, the venue will be filled with blue fairies that form a blue ocean Sapphire or blue ocean.

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