What does the saying right up my alley mean?

to be what someone likes or is good at doing. That kind of music is right up our alley. Synonyms and related words. To be, or to become popular or fashionable.

Is it right up or down my alley?

(right) down (one’s) alley A variant of the more common phrase “(right) up (one’s) alley.” Lou loves baseball, so you should definitely invite him to a game—it would be right down his alley. I love science, so studying medicine is down my alley.

How do you say right up my alley professionally?

Synonyms for Right up my alley

  1. my favorite thing.
  2. my favourite.
  3. my sort.
  4. my taste.
  5. my thing.
  6. my type.
  7. be right up my street.
  8. be right up one’s street.

Where did the saying up your alley come from?

There is no definite origin of the expression although the first recorded usage of the metaphorical usage of the American expression dates to 1931. It can be found in M.E. Gilman’s Sob Sister v. 65 and reads “it’s about time a good murder broke, and this one is right up your alley.”

Where did the term right up my alley originate?

One source says the idiom was first used by ancient Greeks when they were talking about the risks that all passengers in a small boat at sea had to face together. Since many Greeks fished for a living, this one could be true. Another says that “in the same boat” originated in 16th century Britain.

Where does right up your alley come from?

What drives you up the wall?

Definition of ‘drive someone up the wall’ If you say that something or someone is driving you up the wall, you are emphasizing that they annoy and irritate you.

How do you use right up alley in a sentence?

If something is right up your alley, it suits you perfectly. That’s right up my alley”. That show was right up my alley. The column was right up my alley.

What does drive up the wall mean?

: to make (someone) irritated, angry, or crazy Your constant tapping is driving me up the wall!

What does my heart was in my mouth mean?

informal. : to be very excited or nervous about something anticipated He waited for her arrival with his heart in his mouth. You sure don’t seem relaxed—in fact, it seems like your heart is in your mouth.

What does it mean to face something head on?

to deal with a problem or difficult situation directly and with determination, instead of avoiding it. She could see a problem developing and decided to meet it head on.

Where does the expression up your alley come from?

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