What happened to Egghead software?

Egghead Software was an American computer software retailer. Founded in 1984, it filed for bankruptcy in 2001 and its domain name was acquired by Amazon.com….Egghead Software.

Industry Retail
Founder Victor D. Alhadeff
Defunct December 2001
Fate Bankruptcy; Domain name acquired by Amazon.com
Headquarters Spokane

When did Egghead go out of business?

1998: Egghead closes its retail stores and concentrates on Internet business.

Is Newegg related to Egghead?

The founders selected “Newegg” as the company name to signify new hope for e-commerce during a period when e-commerce businesses were struggling to survive. The company has no relation to the Egghead Software chain that was active from 1984 to 2001.

Did Amazon buy Eggheads?

A month after one buyer pulled out, Egghead.com was sold last week to Amazon.com Inc. for $6.1 million in cash.

Who bought egghead Software?

The giant e-tailer plans to relaunch Egghead.com after buying the electronics retailer’s assets in bankruptcy court for $6.1 million in cash. Amazon.com plans to relaunch Egghead.com after buying the electronics retailer’s assets in bankruptcy court for $6.1 million in cash.

What does egghead mean?

informal + often disparaging. : a person with intellectual interests or pretensions : a brainy person If you loved to read, you were considered an egghead, and there was absolutely nothing worse than to be considered an egghead.—

Is Newegg trustworthy?

Reputable. Newegg is very trustworthy, enough so that they are on Google’s list of trusted sites, and Google offers free protection on your orders from them that you can opt in on.

Is buying from Newegg safe?

Yes they are trustworthy. But sites like amazon can sometimes offer a better warranty and often faster and more reliable shipping times. Newegg is by no means “un-safe”, I buy from them quite often.

What does egghead mean urban dictionary?

In the U.S. English slang, egghead is an epithet used to refer to intellectuals or people considered out-of-touch with ordinary people and lacking in realism, common sense, sexual interests, etc. on account of their intellectual interests.

Is egghead an insult?

The word egghead is a very informal, slightly insulting name for an intellectual. The word originally meant “bald person,” but it came to mean “smart person” in Chicago-area slang, particularly among newspaper reporters around 1918.

What does Boffin mean in English?

scientific expert
chiefly British. : a scientific expert especially : one involved in technological research.

Can u get scammed on Newegg?

Phishing scam artists can send fraudulent communication to millions of people at a time. If you have received phishing communication from someone pretending to be Newegg, this does not mean that Newegg’s data security has been breached.

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