What happens in Season 4 of Love Hate?

In the four minute re-cap you’ll see the state Nidge’s hiding has left Tommy in, his penchant for ‘Fizzy Orange’, the Garda closing in on Nidge, Fran fighting Nidge for control, Siobhan fighting everyone for Tommy, the dentist finding himself in the firing line and the gang expand their criminal empire.

Who killed John Boy in Love Hate?

Darren Treacy
John Boy Power was the head of the criminal gang seen in Love/Hate for all of Season 1 and 2. He was a ruthless and paranoid leader whose own actions and those of his brother Hughie led him to be feared and hated by many. He was eventually betrayed by his lieutenant Nidge Delaney and murdered by Darren Treacy.

Is there a season 6 of Love Hate?

In November 2015, RTÉ stated that there were no plans to make a sixth series, thus bringing the show to a close.

How many episodes are in love hate?

Love/Hate/Number of episodes

Who killed Nidge?

Crime Lord Nidge was blasted in the chest by bomb maker Patrick in a chilling bloody finale Love/Hate season five.

Why did Nidge beat up Tommy?

Nidge is chasing his tail, trying to convince Dano that he had nothing to do with his father’s death, and Tommy gets caught in the crossfire when he admits sleeping with Dano’s wife Georgina. Nidge had designs on her himself, so he beats Tommy to a pulp.

What happened Tommy in love hate?

Killian Scott: Tommy Then in one of the most unsettling scenes in the whole five series-run of the drama, Tommy was brutally beaten by his treacherous capo and left as a brain-damaged shadow of his former self. Nidge would pay dearly for his thuggery.

Is Love/Hate coming back 2020?

RTÉ has officially announced the date that Love/Hate will return to our screens. The hit show will be airing on RTÉ One from Friday, June 5th. It’s going to take over for The Late Late Show, which will end it’s a current season this Friday.

Is love/hate coming back 2020?

Why did nidge beat up Tommy?

What happened Tommy Love Hate?

He suffers various fractures, including one to his skull, and is left with slight brain damage due to bleeding. Nidge tells everyone Tommy was found in the street like that after being jumped by Nigerians.

Does Tommy survive in Love Hate?

Tommy beats up Git after he sees what he done to Siobhan, resulting in chaos and trouble for the gang as he is seriously injured and dies soon after. The rest of the season is spent with them trying to avoid the clasps of the IRA, Dano and the Gardai, despite being arrested on many occasions.

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