What is a HighScope approach?

HighScope is a quality approach to early childhood care and education which has been shaped and developed by research and practice over 50 years. The central belief of HighScope is that children construct their own learning by doing and being actively involved in working with materials, people and ideas.

What are the main characteristics of the HighScope curriculum?

Play-based, child-centered, and grounded in research, the HighScope Curriculum features active learning at its core. In a HighScope classroom, children are guided to explore, interact, and exercise their creative imagination through purposeful play.

What does a HighScope environment look like?

Characteristics of the learning environmnent in a High Scope program include: a welcoming atmosphere, sufficient materials for all children, children find, use, and return materials independtly, different types of play, the ability for children to see and move through all areas of the classroom or center, a flexible …

What are HighScope key experiences?

They occur in active learning in which children have opportunities to make choices and decisions, manipulate materials, interact with peers and adults, experience special events, reflect on ideas and actions, use language in personally meaningful ways, and receive appropriate adult support. …

What is the emphasis of the HighScope model?

High/Scope teachers emphasize the broad cognitive, social, and physical abilities that are important for all children, instead of focusing on a child’s deficits. High/Scope teachers identify where a child is developmentally and then provide a rich range of experiences appropriate for that level.

What is the role of the teacher in HighScope?

In the High/Scope curriculum the role of the teacher is to support and extend the children’s learning by observing and listening, asking appropriate question and by scaffolding learning experiences. In High/Scope programs teachers work together as a team to support children.

What are the disadvantages of HighScope curriculum?

  • No curriculum or suggested activities.
  • No direct instruction by teacher.
  • No predictable sequence of academic skill development.
  • Training can be expensive for staff.

What is HighScope plan review?

The heart of the HighScope daily routine is the plan-do-review sequence, in which children make choices about what they will do, carry out their ideas, and reflect on their activities with adults and peers.

Why is HighScope important?

HighScope provides children with carefully planned experiences in reading, mathematics, and science. The National Institute for Child Health and Human Development stresses that all these areas of academic and socio-emotional growth are essential for school readiness.

What are the benefits of HighScope?

THE BENEFITS Children benefit from HighScope in several ways, including developing a broad range of problem-solving, interpersonal, self- regulation and communication skills. “A major benefit to children is that they develop a lifelong approach to learning by becoming actively involved and by doing,” says Shortall.

What is the HighScope curriculum?

The HighScope Preschool Curriculum is a comprehensive, research-based curriculum carefully designed to provide a rich academic foundation and foster child creativity, confidence, and independence.

What to put in a high scope classroom?

Plan the placement of your subject area centers in your classroom space. Write down the title of each area you plan to create on its own individual index card. Typical High Scope indoor areas include: blocks, art, writing and reading, dramatic play (house), science and math, water and sand.

Which is an important part of the High Scope approach?

The plan-do-review process is an important part of the High/Scope approach and is one worthy of your particular attention. The plan-do-review is a sequence in which children, with the help of the teacher, initiate plans for projects or activities; work in learning centers

What are the content areas of HighScope curriculum?

HighScope’s eight curriculum content areas are A. Approaches to Learning B. Social and Emotional Development C. Physical Development and Health D. Language, Literacy, and Communication E. Mathematics F. Creative Arts G. Science and Technology H. Social Studies HIGHSCOPE | Extensions

How to set up a high scope plan?

For teachers new to HighScope, there are 6 weeks of user-friendly plans that build on children’s developing skills and model the HighScope active participatory learning approach. high scope daily time schedule sample instructions guide, high scope daily time schedule sample service manual guide and maintenance manual guide on your products.

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