What is AXA art?

AXA’s range of Art insurance solutions is to address an urgent need – a discerning, affordable insurance cover for fine art and collectibles. As the only globally operating specialty art and collectibles insurance provider offering tailor-made coverage solutions, your fine art collection will be in safe hands.

How do I get insurance for my art?

The first step to insuring your art collection is putting together provenance, or all the necessary documentation to prove that the work of art is yours and what it’s currently worth. These documents include proof of ownership, bill of sale, provenance, a replacement estimate, photographs and the most recent appraisal.

How much does art insurance cost?

* Theft/damage insurance for art added onto your home or renter’s insurance policy generally costs in the range of $1-$3 annually per $1000 of coverage (less if you have a good security system in place in which case costs can be lower). Several insurance companies specialize in covering art and antiques exclusively.

What is AXA XL?

AXA XL, the P&C and specialty risk division of AXA, is known for solving complex risks. For mid-sized companies, multinationals and even some inspirational individuals we don’t just provide re/insurance, we reinvent it.

How does art insurance work?

There are two types of art insurance coverage that offer protection for a work of fine art: title and property. Title insurance insures against a defective title. For example, if the artwork was stolen or looted before you bought it rendering your title defective.

Do artists need insurance?

There are two main types of insurance an artist might need: Property insurance (studios; artworks; works in transit) can cover objects and buildings against theft, fire or other damage, either by people or accidentally depending on the policy.

Can you insure glass art?

While home insurers can provide art insurance, there are plenty of specialist insurance companies that offer more sophisticated coverage. It’s also possible to buy special coverage for specific items of art. This is something you would need to do your due diligence on as an art collector.

Is art covered by insurance?

Does my homeowners insurance cover special items, such as jewelry and art, or do I need extra coverage? Most homeowners insurance policies cover jewelry, art and collections the same as any other possession, subject to your policy’s deductible and coverage limits.

Is AXA Advisors a pyramid scheme?

AXA Advisors, LLC has investment fraud and misconduct in their history. In 2009, FINRA barred a former AXA Advisors broker from the industry for operating a Ponzi scheme.

Is AXA XL a good company?

The overall rating of Axa XL is 3.9, with Job Security being rated at the top and given a rating of 4.0. However, Career growth is rated the lowest at 3.2.

How do you value fine art?

Several factors determine the value of fine art—the size of the edition (that is, the number of prints the artist makes of one work), the significance of the work, the condition of the print, and whether it is signed and numbered by the artist. In the prints market, it is a rarity that bestows value.

What kind of insurance do artists need?

Public Liability Insurance
There are two main types of insurance an artist might need: Public Liability Insurance covers the policyholder against any claims made by third parties (e.g. members of the public) if they are injured during a visit to a venue or project.

How to apply for AXA Art collectibles insurance?

AXA ART Collectibles Insurance offers more complete coverage at a competitive premium when compared to traditional homeowner policies and the application process is simple and fast. Click here to get a quote. Coverage up to $1,000,000 (higher limits available) Program available in the United States

Where does the AXA Art Prize come from?

The AXA Art Prize (formerly the XL Catlin Art Prize) is one of the leading student art competitions in North America. Building on a 10-year legacy established in the UK, the contest provides a unique opportunity to discover, celebrate and reward emerging artistic talent across the country.

Are there rating engines for AXA Art Insurance?

Founded on the principles of personal and dedicated service, AXA ART provides worldwide peace of mind for its clients’ most precious possessions. Each risk is underwritten individually with no rating engines.

Which is the most important element of AXA Art?

AXA ART consider the client to be the most important element of the risk and can therefore consider each submission on its own merits. It is not a requirement for art to be a component of the risk. AXA ART is a broker-only insurer operating in both London and UK regional markets.

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